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06 de Marzo, 2016 · General


What does SOCIAL JUSTICE mean to you?

What a bout... What is a Sovereign State?

I know that you want to improve our politics, yes it is really necessary. Let's revise what this video on Political Science can teach us.

The most important thing is to learn how to respect to each other. Let's respect to each other by listening to each other and recognizing our dignity in others dignity, our rights by defending others rights.

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First, I want to underline the importance of the ethical value of social justice, because it is necessary to live in peace and to promote social development in democracies. The first video offer us some good clues to understand it.
Second, my answer to the previous question is: justice starts with our own commitment to do things as well as possible.
Third, my question: What is the best way to promote justice in democracies?
publicado por Juan A. Crespo, el 10.03.2016 14:49
First I want to comment the importance of a goverment to rule a country, just because is an organization inside a state that controls the main rules of a country. keep order , provides services , makes laws and protect the state.
Second, my answer to Juan Antonio´s question is the next: to promote justice in a democracies is that human rights should be respected by UDHR, majorities decides and minorities rights should be respected.

And finally, my question: Could justice be achieved by a country without goverment, jus by people´s attitude?
publicado por Interian Dotor Alejandro, el 12.03.2016 06:44
First, I want to underline the importance of freedom of the citizens in a country, because having human rights and dignity is esencial in a person, and also in the hole country and world. It promotes happiness and also justice, which is necessary to live in peace and in a complete democracy.

Second, my answer to Alejandro Interian is absolutely no, Unfortunately in our world we are not as developed to be in peace, with justice without government, because we need something or somebody that have to control our acts.

Third, my question is: In your opinión, have the most developed countries worked out the best social justice we can have?
publicado por CeliaVallejo Vicente 3 B ESO, el 12.03.2016 07:09
First I want to emphasize the importance of why we need someone ruling as in the goverment, because without that person and the others supporting him and making some idea the world will be a disaster.

Second, respondind to Alejandro's questions my answer is: No, because im sure thats someone gonna take the power and turn the country into a dictatorship.

And to end, my quuestion is: Can social justice be acjieve by all the countries in the world?
publicado por Rodrigo Nevado Javier 3ºB, el 12.03.2016 07:23
First,I want to underline the best way to get to social sience,that it´s decent work.This decent work will give you the stability of the family and the peace in the community.

Second,answering to Javier,yes,it can.Justice is a right,something that evry person in the planet deserves.

Finally,my question is:What is the political theory(or political philosophy)?
publicado por Antonio García Vázquez 3ºB, el 12.03.2016 10:48
Hello Juan Antonio,
First, on my view the most important for me is social justice, because all people deserved to have the same rights even if they are famous or not and because if we want to have a better world, we might have a good justice.
Second, answering Antonio's question, of what is political theory, I think that political theory is a branch of political science concerned chiefly with the ideas of past and present political thinkers and the doctrines and proposals of political movements and groups.
Finally, my question is: Are social justices different in developed countries and in undeveloped countries? .
See you,
publicado por María Serrano Polo, el 12.03.2016 16:44
First I Want to underlain the importance of the different points of view depending con the type of country to describe how social justice is seen,because I'm sure that all ethical values depends of how people see that values.Second,answering to Maria's question I believe that they are quite different ,because undevelpoped countries never recieve the educatipn that they deserve ,so they do not hace knowlegde to change the type of goverment un which their live. Finally ,my question is-Which are the causes of the social justice?
publicado por Alejandro García 3oB, el 13.03.2016 07:18
Hello juan antonio
first I want to underline the importance of the sovereignty in a state;Sovereignty is understood in jurisprudence as the full right and power of a governing body to govern itself without any interference from outside sources or bodies. In political theory, sovereignty is a substantive term designating supreme authority over some polity.[1] It is a basic principle underlying the dominant Westphalian model of state foundation. and without sovereignty we can not live in a country as a society
And second the answer for Alejandro´s garcia question is: social justice is the fair and just relation between the individual and society. This is measured by the explicit and tacit terms for the distribution of wealth, opportunities for personal activity and social privileges
And finally my question is: how can politics and laws cause order in a state or a country?
publicado por arthur santos 3ºB, el 13.03.2016 07:48
First, I want to underline the importance of social justice: is the life of human rights, are the actions that lead to opportunities for everyone in the planet,with the ultimate goal of approaching goodness as much as possible.
In my opinion, justice it is controlled by politics.

Second,answering to Maria's question: yes it is different, because in undeveloped countries the education index is low as these undeveloped such as Africa that the governments deceives people and especially in countries with dictatorship.

Finally, my question is: In the future it could be achieve social justice fair?
publicado por Raquel Vicente 3ªB, el 13.03.2016 08:29
First, I want to underline the importance of the ethical value of social justice,because to ensure well-being through the establishment of forms of acting, behaviors, punishment, etc. Justice consists both of rules of behavior that have to do with everyday life and that it is necessary to establish

Second,the answer for Raquel´s Vicente question is:I think that justice is currently met but in some cases no, since there are people who are able to deliver money. In the future, I think that it will be the same, but I would like that you would have more justice and leave the money even side

Finally my question is: Do you think that the laws of each country are currently met?
publicado por Diana Rodríguez 3ºB, el 13.03.2016 12:18
First I want to underline the importance of the goverment for administrating its own goverment and not dependent upon, or subject to, another power.

I´d want to answer Diana´s questions: I think that in developed countys the laws or treatments are normally respected because it could made serious problems, but, in developing or underdevelop countrys dont comply the tratment of respecting the human rights.

Finally, My question is: What can you do for improoving the human rights?
publicado por Pablo López Serrano 2ºB, el 13.03.2016 13:06
Hello Juan Antonio:

First, I want to underline that social justice is for every people in the world, regardless if you are a woman or a man, If you live in developed or undeveloped country

Second, my answer for Pablo´s question is: I can respect the people and enforce them.

Finally, my question is: Why is important to make laws?
publicado por Alejandro Caballero García 3a Eso, el 13.03.2016 13:30
Hi Juan Antonio

Firstly I want to underline the importance of laws: without laws the chaos will rule this world, criminal won´t be criminals because they are not breaking any law so the line between what is right and what is wrong will be very dithered; when chils finished their studies won´t recognize a criminal because it will seem that is another job, a strange job... So all finishes in that law its an essential part of an uthopy society where freedom is for everyone bot limited by laws, this time marking the bad things and the good ones.

Second, my answer for Alejandro´s question is: Make laws are so important because without laws the world won,t be ruled by knowledge but physical strength.

And finally my question: Why is better a democracy than the other governments?
publicado por Daniel Perez 3ºB, el 13.03.2016 14:13
Hi Juan Antonio
Firstly i want to stand out the importance of respect all opinions in a government. I think we have to keep in mind that everybody have their own right and dignity and in a government it necessary to respect that.
In second place,answering to Daniel's question,i think that a democracy is better than other governments because in a democracy everybody have voice and vow and they all decides according to their opinions
Finally, mi question is : What can we do to achieve equality between every human being?
publicado por María Ibáñez 3B, el 13.03.2016 14:31
First I want to underline the importance of social justice:is the opportunity for every person in the world, and it's main goal is that all the people including people with dissabilities could have the same opportunities in all areas of social life.

Second,the answer to Diana's Rodríguez question is: I think that the laws of the countries are different depending on the social,economic and political situation because in some countries is easier to get it than in others

Finally, my question is:Do you think that in the future we could end with social inequality and labor?
See you,
publicado por Sandra García-Millán Quiroga 3ºB, el 13.03.2016 14:32
Firstly, in my point of my , the most interesting thing is to know the four element of a sovereign state,which are population ,territory , soveregnty and goverment. When we speak of population we say that is a group of people who are members or citizens of a state.The territory is the land aera(with set boundaries )in which state's rule applied.When we think about what is sovereignty.Finally,the goverment is the organization inside a state that controls the actions and policies of a state.

Secondly the answer to Sandra , I think that no because I think that in every place there's going to be someone that doesn't accept someone who is differnt of him or her and that someone who is black , chinese or arab won't be accept by everyone

Finally, my question is that : Do you think that the elements that I said before are essential ?
publicado por Sara Bourhim 3 ºB, el 13.03.2016 15:31
Good afternoon Juan Antonio,
In first place, I want to underine the government in our community, because without it and the laws, there couldn't be social justice and we could develop our freedom excessibly (that is very bad, in that case, people could do everything they want without someone could stop it, for example, people could commit crimes such as murders and thefts). I think that with the laws we can deveop our freedom correctly in such a way that everyone who works hard can be a person with success in the future.

Secondly, I want to answer Sara's Bourhim question: Yes, because:
1-Without territory, obviously there can not be government and population.
2-Government is essential because without it, there can not be social justice.
3-Sovereignty because without it, there can not be democracy and that means that the government can do whatever they want, and that is unfair.
4-Population that is the most essential elemant because without population, there can not exist the rest of other elements.
And finally, my question is that do you think in a period of about 200 hundred years, women and men and black and white people will be treated with equality?
Thank you.
publicado por Pablo Calvo 3ºB, el 13.03.2016 16:10
Hello Juan Antonio
For me the most interesting thing that we have to know the differences between legitimacy that is something that is according with the law and legality that is that we have to behave according to the law
I will ask the previous question I thing that in a period of 200 years woman will have the same rights as men
Do you think that in a period of 100 all the people of all the countries of the world will have the same rights ???
publicado por Alvaro Miguel 3A, el 13.03.2016 16:56
First I will talk about the importance of the human rights in the society and the injustice that some people are suffering just because they don't have the same skin colour, or haven't born on the same country. I will talk about this because I really think that the respect and the solidarity, are the first two word that nowadays in some countries are misssing, and them both are the key for a just world. The fact that a person isn't equal from has to be a mute form of telling "our true nacionality is the humanity" (Herbert George Wells) because nobody must be judge for his country or origin, and the motto should be "there is only a race, the human race, and all people are member of it" (Margaret Atwood).

ANSWER FOR ALVARO'S QUESTION: I want to think so, our society has make big improvements but the total justice have not time or hour, I actually think that this change will take us more time that 100 years. Because the rights have allways the same beginning: revolution, and we never know how long it will take.

MY OWN QUESTION: Do you think a just goverment is enough for reach a just society?
publicado por Irene Fernandez Tkaczyk 3ºB, el 14.03.2016 14:51
Hi, Juanantonio:
I want to underline social justice because everyone should hace the same rights and the equal oportunities.
My answer for alvaro's cuestión is: I think if we all contribute at it, it could be yes.
My cuestión is: do you think we can solves all the problema related to justice and equality?
publicado por Ricardo Fuster 3A, el 14.03.2016 14:54
Hello Juan Antonio:
Related to the question of Ricardo , I think yes, that we can solve all the problems states and countries have with politics, justice and legitimacy. I think that all problems can be solved in a democratic state because we have laws to resolve that problems and I think that trying to achieve the peace is the best we can do to live good and reach the well-being with the rest of people
MY QUESTION IS: Do you think that in a future we will achieve the peace in all countries?
publicado por Marcos Jimenez 3A ESO, el 15.03.2016 13:57
Hi Juan Antonio,
Sorry for continuing here my comment, but I had to do a resumed comment because I handn´t Internet, and I couldn´t do it before because I had installed Internet this morning.
First, I want to comment the importance of a government in a state, just because is the organisation that rules the activities of a state. I have choosen this concept because of this important aspects:
protects individual rights
input is taken from many different sources to make a governmental decisión people are the government
It protects all citizens
It makes for a responsible and stable administration
But it also have so many disadvantages like:
It instigates corruption
It may put more emphasis of quantity, not in quality
It can take long to make decisions
It allows not exercising the right vote.
Second, my answer to Juan Antonio´s question is the next: to promote justice in a democracies is that human rights should be respected by UDHR, majorities decides and minorities rights should be respected.
And finally, my question: Could justice be achieved by a country without goverment, jus by people´s attitude?
publicado por Interian Dotor Alejandro, el 15.03.2016 14:33
Hi Juan Antonio!
To begin with I am going to expalin why social justice is important in our society, justice is a right that we deserve all humans even if we are poor, rich... But also the politicians have to be fair.
Second I am going to answer to the following question: Could justice be achieved by a country without a goverment, just by people's attitude?
My answer is no because this world is full of bad people that make bad things and have to be punished by them , but also the politicians have to be models and behave well and they don't have to be corrupt.
Third my question is: If politicians weren't corrupt and were fair, could all people achieve social justice?
publicado por Elena Acedo 3ºA, el 15.03.2016 19:09
Hi Juan Antonio,
Firstly, I want to underline the importance of social justice in our world. Social justice is such an important factor that if politics respect social justice in every country, maybe we could finish with wars and conflicts that destroy us and the world where we live nowadays.
Secondly, I´m going to answer this question: If politicians weren´t corrupt and were fair ,could all people achieve social justice?
I think that probably it will improve many things related with social justice, but they have to do more things than those two because they have a lot of power and they can do it better to change the world.
Finally,my question is: What can we do with our own hands to reach the same rights in all the world?
publicado por Andrea Minguez Izquierdo 3ºA, el 19.03.2016 19:25
In the first place I want to emphasize the thing who said Kofi Annan, equal opportunities and rights for everyone, for example, if a person is one of the best in his/her subject but the family doesn't have the money to pay his/her degree,the State has to help this family because in the future this person is likely to be very helpful for the world and to be very good at his/her job; but in the opposite side we have a person that is very lazy but he/she has a lot of money because the family is rich, in this case the State have to do nothig to help the family, because it will be like waste the money in a person that in the future maybe won't help to our country.
After this, I will answer to the Andrea Mínguez's question, I think that we can start doing little things in our social setting like favour chains, or start studying political science to be able to change the world.
Finally, I would ask to the next person to answer to my question: What do you think about political science?
publicado por Jorge Canela Curiel 3º A, el 20.03.2016 07:09
Hi Juan Antonio,
First I want to say that the thing that attracts me the most is the reason of studying Political Science, because it helps us to understand how politics are in our daily life
Answering to the previous question, I think that political science is fascinating, because, without noticing it, it affects to many aspects in our life
My question is: How do you think International relationships affect to the goverment of a nation?
publicado por Laura Peñalba 3ºA, el 20.03.2016 08:18
Hi Juan Antonio.
Social justice means the fair and proper administration of laws conforming to the natural law that all persons, irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, possessions, race, religion, etc., are to be treated equally and without prejudice.

Answering Laura's question, international relationship affects self-interests strategies chosen by the state to safeguard its national interests and to achieve goals within its international relations milieu.

Finally my question is: What is the European Union refugees policy?
publicado por Javier Bertrán 3ºA, el 20.03.2016 11:36
First, I want to underline the importance that social justice has in our current world and that we have to work together if we want to achieve it, in that way, every person in the world would have the same opportunities, rights, dignity, freedom...
Second, my answer to Javier's question is that the European Union policy apply the Asylum legislation.
Third, my question is: what do we have to do to achieve social justice completely?
publicado por Elia Garcés, 3A, el 29.03.2016 07:41
Hi Juan Antonio .
For my social justice means all that than we need to be free and to have the oportunity to say that we want always whit respect and for decided.
Second,my answer to Elia`s question is that we need yo be in the situation of the others to know their injustice and then to make new laws to protect them..
Third,my question is : Can everyone have a justice in their society?
publicado por Adrian Martinez 3A, el 29.03.2016 08:10
Hi Juan Antonio, this is the original comentary I wrote two weeks ago, I had it on a clipboard and now I'm trying to post it again.
In the first place, I want to talk about the four elements of a sovereing state: population, which is a group of people who are the members or citizens of a state; territory,which is the land area( with ser boundaries) in which a state's rule applies; sovereignty, which is the ability to rule absolutely within a territory; and government, which is the organization inside a state that controls the actions and policies of a state. To be a sovereign state there must be all these elements, and if one fails, it would cease to be a sovereign state and would become a dependent state(it depends on other states to take decisiones and other things like that).
On the second place, answering Javier's question, the first institution of asylum's main international reference to the Convention on the Status of Refugees Geneva(1951) and its Protocol 1967. The first is a reaction to the broad masses of refugees existing in a Europe devastated by World War II.
It is essential to understand that asylum should not be treated as if it were running a temporary crisis but as an integral part of the development agenda in the area of governance, migration and protection of human rights[COM (2008)360 final].
Finally, my question is: What can we do to keep in balance all the elements of a sovereign state ?
Thanks for reading and sorry for the delay, I had troubles posting the commentary.
publicado por Cristina Martín-Clero 3°A, el 03.04.2016 07:51
Hi Juan Antonio,
First, i want to underline that all people in the world need to have justice because we all have the same rigts.
Second,my answer for Adrián is no, people can have justice and rights only if there are in a civil registration because if we are registration we are citizens and if we are citizens we have rights and justice.That's the reason for all kids of third world countries that diary die because thet aren't registration so when there parents die they are alone and when they go to restaurants and ask for money one day and another ,they kill kids because they are disturbing costumers.
Third,my question is:Have we all the same rights?
publicado por Paula Rodríguez 3A, el 03.04.2016 10:28
hello Juan Antonio.
first,I wanted to say that social justice is only achieved when all of us colaborate in order have social and human rigths.

Second,only colaborating against all bad cultures like nacism,machism,comunism,racism and all people that promote that cultures we could garantee human rights in all of us.

third,my question:could we be able to understand and aniquilate that bad cultures that we have created?
publicado por Adrián Malek, el 03.04.2016 11:58
Hello Juan Antonio
First i want to explain the poverty of the world.Poverty can be analyzed from various perspectives: economic,sociological,moral,political,etc...And in trying to provide solutions to this problem that affects a large part of humanity many projects and resources ,where the first world embarks on a policy of solidarity to alleviate or minimaze the terrible consequences that poverty brings whit it are pure in place
My question is: what types of government organization are there?
publicado por Luis Miguel Luengo 3B, el 05.04.2016 16:35
First, I want to underline the importance and freedom of all citizens in a place or country, in my opinion is something essential that all parents give the correct education to their child so in this way, the world wouldn’t have racism and it would be a better life, also underline that a ``black´´ person have to has the same rights and dignity than a ``white´´ one.
In the second place, I´m going to answer Paula´s question: Have we all the same rights?
Of course we have, or we must have, it’s something essential in a life of a person, also if someone didn’t have them, it is a very bad problem in the society and a very bad problem of moral attitudes.
And the last point is my question: Do all the countries control racism and discrimination and also the rights of a person?
publicado por Sandra Gonzalez 3A, el 06.04.2016 15:56
First, I want to underline the importance of the law as the soul of the justice. In my opinion, if we use the law fairly, regardless we are an important politician or a beggar, we can get a better world.
In the second place, I'm going to answer Sandra's question: Do all the countries control racism and discrimination and also the rights of a person?
I think that all the countries government try to control those discrimination but it's a bit difficult. In the world there are millions of people and that is the reason it is a bit difficult to control such discrimination even with laws and therefore, I think that governments would have to ask for help from citizens to combat racism and fight for the rights that everyone has.
Finally, my question is: Do all the governments and the society accept all the types of relationship without discrimination?
publicado por Tatiana Guerra 3A, el 07.04.2016 15:39
First I want to underline the moral rules. In my opinión,moral rules are not enshrined in legislation, because they don´t need to be applied to all people in the country.
In second place, I´m going to answer Tatiana´s question: Do all the governments and society accept all the types of relationship without discrimination?
I think that all the governments and society don´t acept it because they don´tunderstand for example a relationship of two boys or two girls and that seems unfair because they should be free to choose who they want.
And finally, my question is: There are the same laws or norms in each country?
publicado por Paloma González 3ºB, el 10.04.2016 07:35
Hello Juan Antonio,

the fist thing that i want to said is about the social justice in the world.I think that the social justice is a very important concept for the human. Because if the humanity lives without social justice a lot of people will live without dignity and freedom, and this two things are very important.

In te second place iwant to answer the question of Paloma: there is no the same laws in each countrys because they don't live with sames conditions.

Finally i want to make a question: Why not all people have freedom?
publicado por Miguel Sánchez 3ºB, el 11.04.2016 15:43
Hello Juan Antonio.
I want to say what is the meaning for me about Social Justice. I think that when we talk about social Justice we are taking about that we have to have the same conditions and the same oportunities in all the world.
To Continue I´m going to answer to Miguel´s question: Why not all people have freedom? I think that not all people have freedom because we are in a world that people discriminace others who are different and dont have the same conditions as them.
Finally, my question is: Do you think that for change all this tinghs that we talk about we have to change our toughts and actitudes?
publicado por Marta Gil 2ºC, el 17.04.2016 07:38
First of all, I want to emphasize in the words that Shirin Ebadi sais about "Why do we need social justice?". She was the first woman lawyer in her country (Iran), and her words have to be taking into account. She sais that is important for eliminating the differences in the societies between the rich people and the poor people. I wanted to put this because I think it´s a problem in all the societies because rich people, which are usually the most powerfull and usually form part of the goberment, don´t think that poor people are also humans and also want to have rights, to be respected and to live in good conditions. This happends in mostly all the countries of the world, and because of that I worte it.
Answering to Marta Gil´s question, I would say yes. In all the countries there are costumes and people which make others don´t have the same social justice. One example is football. People think that footballers are gods who have came to Earth, when in real there are normal people like us. This make them think they are in real gods, and makes them act as if they were. It´s also unfair that footballers earn millions of euros for scooring goals,and, for example, a scientist that works more hours trying to find a cure for cancer isn´t paid and recogniced as much as them.
last, I want to ask a question for the next: Do you think the USA respect the sovereignty of other countries? If not, give an example of a country that hasn´t got sovereignty due to the USA.
publicado por Sergio Cambronero 3ºC, el 17.04.2016 08:42
Hi Juan Antonio,
First I want to enphasize in the ethcical value of respect, I think respect is one of the most important value because we can´t judge a person by his skin colour or the religion he follows, some people kills due to this like Hitler that kills the people of other race.
Second, I am going to answer the question of Sergio Cambronero: yes, because all countries have to respect the other countries.
Third my question: Do you think that yihadist people respect western european countries and vice versa?
Thanks you for reading.
publicado por Alberto Rueda 3ºC, el 17.04.2016 16:44
Hello Juan Antonio.
To begin with I want to say that the three videos have made me think about the injustices of life for most of the childrens in world that can´t have a good life.
To continue with I have choosen the first video, because it has drawn my attention because of the different views and different ways that each one of the members describe what is the social justice. For me social justice is the capacity that everyone should have to do the same things and to have the same rihgts, but unfortunately is not like this.
In third place, my answer to Paulas´ question:
No, obviously no, we all should have the same rights but we haven´t. For example, african childs can´t go to school and they haven´t life care, but we have everything, we all have a lot of life accommodations that are not necessary to survive, and this is too unfair and injustice.
So, my question is: What is the solution to make social justice in world for everyone?
publicado por Raquel Parra Martínez 3º A, el 19.04.2016 15:31
Good afternoon Juan Antonio, I wrote this comentary last week but I think it wasn't sent so I'm repiting:
·I am going to talk about the ethical value of RESPECT, I think is one of the most importants because if you aren't respectfull, you are not going to anywere. In my opinion, we have to know people before saying something bad about that person and about their external appearance.
·Now, I'm answering Marta Gil's question: yes, we've to change and we have also to think our toughts before speaking because if we don't do that, it'll be a desaster.
·My question: why, nowadays, there's people that is not free?
publicado por CARLA SANZ 3ºC, el 23.04.2016 13:39
Good afternoon Juan Antonio,
In first place, I am going to talk about respect, because if every person respect each other, the world will be better, because every person will be free and have the necessary rights to live the life they wont, also, if we have respect each other's dignity to make people better. We have to receive a good education to be a good and respectfull society, because teenagers are the future of the community.
Second, I am going to answer Carla Sanz's question: because in some countries there aren't some many laws to regulate somethings like work, some people work many hours to recieve a law salari; some children are working and they don't go to school, if they don't learn, they aren't free because they haven't enought knowledge
Las one, my question is: Why every countries don't have the same laws?
publicado por LAURA TRAPERO 3ºC, el 24.04.2016 08:27
The most important is to help everybody because maybe one day that person will help you and alsaw to respect the person because if not Se will trade you equal my answer to the question is because in not all the countries they have the same rights my question: what don't we have in the same countries the same rights??
publicado por Marcos lopez 1B, el 24.04.2016 12:20
I am going to talk about equality. Equality is really important, and it has to do with respect: we are all equal, so we have to respect each other for that reason.

Also, I am going to answer to Laura Trapero's question: laws come from the society, and the society changes from one country to another, so laws change from pone country to another.

The last thing, my question: Why there is still people who dotes not respecto others?
publicado por Mónica Amador 3°ESO C, el 24.04.2016 15:44
Hi,Juan Antonio:
First,I want to talk about the social justice ,beacuse I thing that is a fact that now a days is being forgotten by everyone.Because social justice means that everybody have to have the same conditions,rights...indefferently of their economical,social or polical state.
Answering to Monica's question:(Why there still people who dotes no respect to others ?) Currently there are people that still live in past and thats what I think that is the problem, that the actually society don't change and don't want to change.

My question is : When we are going to acept that all of us are different and live our lifes without getting into others ones?
publicado por Cristina Viecente Gómez 3-C, el 24.04.2016 16:48
Good afternoon Juan Antonio,
First ; I’m going to explain why is so important the social justice for everyone. It is so important because it is the right that deserves every person upon the face of the earth: either they are white ,black or with disabilities.
Second ; I’m going to answer Monica’s questions that is: Why there is still people who dotes not respecto others?. It can be multiple factors; as can be to have different beliefs,or simply because that they feel weaker than others and the only thing they can do is not respect them.
And at the finally my question is that: what do you think about political decisions; are they corrects?
publicado por Javier García Ramirez, el 24.04.2016 17:08
Hi Juan Antonio,
I am sorry to be so late sending this to you but i have had a few problems with my connection.
First of all , social justice is important to everyone to defend our dignity and our rights and i think that if there were social justice all over the world , we have now .
Answering Javier`s question: I think that politicians want to do the best for us but that does´t mean those decisions are correct.
My question is : Do you think that justice will ever be worldwide?
publicado por Jorge Primo 3C, el 05.05.2016 17:33
Hi, Juan Antonio :
- First, I am going to talk about the equality. I think this is one of the most important because if there were equality, the world would be more fair and we will respect each others.
-Second, I am going to answer Javier´s question: what do you think about political decisions, are they corrects?. For some people they are correct and for others no; People has different opinions so political decisions will never be correct for all people.
- Finally my question is: Why people that know what is right and what is wrong choose do things that are wrong?
publicado por Carla Fraile Rodríguez 3º ESO C, el 05.05.2016 18:06
-First , I want to highlight the importance of justice in our society . It´s essential to us to have the same rights and the same conditions and don´t break the laws so we can achieve these goals.
It will bring common well being for our society , because nowadays laws are being broke and forgotten , so we must go into effect to get social justice and equality.
-Now , I´m going to answer the question of Carla Fraile which says: Why people that know what is right and what is wrong choose to do things that are wrong? I think people do bad things because their own interest , and they don´t worry about the society where they live .
-Finally , my question is : do you think injustice will have influence in future generations ?
publicado por Lara Torres , 3ºC, el 12.05.2016 12:57
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