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09 de Diciembre, 2012 · General

ISLAM, UNA RELIGIÓN QUE RECLAMA SUMISIÓN A DIOS. Islam, a religion that claims for submission to God.

Espero que estos vídeos te ayuden a tener un conocimiento básico sobre el Islam y los pueblos conectados con su cultura. I hope the following videos will help you to learn a little about Islam and the countries connected with its culture. Enjoy them!

Echa un vistazo al siguiente vídeo sobre "los pilares" o normas básicas del Islam. Watch the following video, it shows what are the main five "pillars" of Islam.

Los siguientes links nos comentan cuáles son las creencias más importantes en el Islam (recuerda, el link es la línea subrayada en color azul que debes presionar con el ratón para ver el vídeo). The following links give us the chance to know about the most imortant beliefs in Islam.


Aquí tenemos un mapa que nos ayuda a reconocer los países en donde la cultura islámica es más representativa. Here we have a map that helps us to recognize the main Islamic countries.

Religion and state in Muslim majority countries.
Islamic state: Adopted Islam as the ideological foundation for their political institution.
State religion: Religious body or creed officially endorsed by the state.
Secular state: Officially neutral in matters of religion, neither supporting nor opposing any particular religions.

     Presta atención a este interesante vídeo y obserba la belleza de la Kaaba. Pay attention to this interesting video and observe the Kaaba beauty.

En los siguientes vídeos podemos ver algo más de informacion sobre la tradiciones islámicas: alfabeto, música, comida, costumbres, arte, etc. In the following videos we will be able to watch some more information about the Islamic traditions: alphabet, music, food, customs, art, and so on.

-Alphabet, alfabeto:   


-Music, música:   


-Food, comida

Te animo a que desarrolles un pensamiento crítco, democrático, tolerante, que busca promover la dignidad y la felicidad de todo el mundo, un pensamiento coherente que critique toda ideología, fe o comportamiento que actúe en contra de libertad de las personas y de los derechos humanos. DEFIENDE LA IGUALDAD DE DERECHOS ENTRE HOMBRES Y MUJERES, REIVINDICA EL RESPETO Y LOS DERECHOS DE LAS MINORÍAS, RECHAZA EL FANATISMO Y EL TOTALITARISMO. I invite you to develop a critical way of studing that promotes democracy, tolerance, coherence, dignity, happiness, freedom, Human Rights and rejects all those ways of fanatism or hipocracy. WE SHOULD DEFEND EQUALITY BETWEEN WOMEN AND MEN, WE NEED TO CLAIM FOR RESPECT AND RIGHTS OF SOCIAL MINORITIES, REJECT ALL KINDS OF FANATISMS AND TOTALITARISMS.

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Hello Juan Antonio,
I saw the videos and I like them because it explain the Islam with his main characteristics. I am surprised about how many people there are in the Kaaba to pray, so they have some rules and they carry out it no like others.
The food may be very good, but personally I prefer the Mediterranean food or something like that. Althoght I eat sometimes food of other countries because I like to discover news things.
In my opinion the Ramadahm is bit cruel for the children, but it is my opinion and Muslims always are going to be Muslims with or with out my conclusion.
publicado por Antonia Pavel 2ºA, el 09.12.2012 18:37
The videos that I like the most are the three last, because I learn new kinds of music, the muslim alphabet and muslim food. I think this make you best and more inteligent because you know more things about the customs in other religions and I thik this is important.
The other videos are interesant too, but I watch more interesant the tree lasts.
publicado por Mayte Martín Abad 3ºA, el 15.12.2012 11:24
El video que más me ha gustado ha sido el primero: el alfabeto, porque me parece una buena presentación y es muy fácil de comprender, ya que viene subtitulado y da una buena pronunciación. Además habla de las 6 creencias del Islam, que me parecen imprescindibles conocerlas para el buen funcionamiento de la vida.
The video that I liked very much it´s the first: the alphabet, because I think that is a good presentation and it´s very easy to understand it, so it comes subtitled and it gives a good pronunciation. Moreover it speaks about the 6 beliefs of Islam, that I tkink they are essential know for the good functionment for the life.
publicado por María Burges Barragán 3ºA, el 16.12.2012 19:20
First, I think all of this videos make us to learn many things about Islam. Everything that we've learned in the book of fistory and religion is reflected in the videos. So I think it's a way to learn in an enjoyable way. Also, I think that to learn other religions ans customes is marvelous so with all of these videos I can learn the essentially of the Islam, like the pillars, the most important traditions like to travel to La Meca, And so many things. But I really think that the video that has managed to attract my attention, is the video of the food, because it's interesting to know that there're people that don't eat the same food than us, for example, they mustn't eat pork, or drink alcoholic drinks. And to finish, i want to say that the first video is really good because it shows us the Islam and their pillars, like the times that they have to pray etc, in a easy way.
publicado por Irene Antón 3ºA, el 17.12.2012 15:27
Later see all videos I think that with the videos that I most learn are : the main five pillars, the Kaaba and the video of their food ,because you can see very well their customs and believes ,
publicado por 2ºC paula, el 17.12.2012 15:35
I think the most important to learn is the alphabet because it is very interesting as some forms can be a letter but I also believe that it is important the video of "The Kaaba" is interesting as inside and how to go round and pray
publicado por Sara Rodríguez, el 17.12.2012 15:39
Good evening, John Anthony... I have read several of them and, in my opinion, the best one is the music video. I like this type of music and I think their music isn´t too different to our music. Also, I think it is an important characteristic to meet this religion and their costumes.
Good bye, tomorrow I see you in class!
publicado por Carla Arroyo Gómez 3º A E.S.O., el 17.12.2012 16:05
2B I think the best video is the first because there is a very simple vocabulary and we can learn a lot about muslims and the five pilars of islam. We can also learn about pronuntation.
publicado por Arturo Ibñez Martinez, el 18.12.2012 14:57
I saw all the videos, and all of them are really good. I think that the most interesting videos are, the first the pilars of islam, because it show you the most important thing of this religion; Also the alphabets, food, and music's videos are interesting, the food doesn't look good!, and the kaaba's video is really amazing because, How can be there such people in that place and in that moment! Wow...
The muslim's map,is very usesful to know where and what are the countries that muslims have.
Before read all of that thing of this religion I never saw such curios things, I'm shocked!
Thank you for give us this interesting things,...
publicado por Natalia María Torres Cónsul 2ºC, el 18.12.2012 16:15
Hello :D
I've learned a lot of Islam with those videos. Generally, they were fantastic.
I like the first one, because it's really easy to understand it and to learn about the 'Five Pilars of Islam', simply showing the daily life of a young muslim.
I also think that the video which was about their beliefs teaches a lot about the religion.
The one about the Kaaba was very interesting. I've never thought how much people usually go every day... It was full of people!!
I have a question about this video:
- In the first video it says that if you go to the Kaaba, you must wear white clothes so, why were many people wearing dark clothes?
The last three videos have teached me the islamic customs. I think their food is quite different to our food. And the alphabet is a bit strange.
Finally, I hope my opinion is useful :)
publicado por 2º C Marina Rodríguez, el 19.12.2012 15:56
hello, juan antonio
the first thing is to say that the video you liked most to me was the first well that esplicaba the five pillars and to state interesting.
on the map after I have seen that there are many countries with this religion.
and finally the kaaba video I have seen a lot of people revolved around it because it is a very important symbol.
My opinion is that these videos especially the first one is very good.
publicado por Laura cilleruelo 3C, el 19.12.2012 16:07
the video that i liked the most is the video about
the food,because the food is very different to
the food that i eat each day , and they cant eat
pig , and drink alcohol.i think is very interesting
and its an other point of view of the religion.
thaks for read my opinion.
publicado por nuria serrano 3C, el 19.12.2012 16:51
I think the first video of the five pillars is so interesting,funny and a great form to learn how is the religious of islam.Also I think this is the most interesting religious and I am very interesting in that.
publicado por Irene C. 3ºA e.s.o, el 20.12.2012 16:59
i wached all videos , and i thik the best videos is the first because the childrens show the five pilars of the islam and i lernt very very
good by !!
yeah nigga
publicado por 3ºC Fernando vignal, el 22.12.2012 08:47
i wached the first video , and think it´s so interesting to understand the five rules of islam and i think it´s so cool to understant the islam as well
publicado por Andrea romón 3.c, el 23.12.2012 13:20
I watched all the videos and the video that i like was the firt because it´s so interesting the five pilars that the children explain to the other and other video that I liked was the video that talk about the food because it´s so interesting too.
publicado por Gloria Valverde - 3ºC, el 25.12.2012 14:25
I have watched the first video about the five pillars in islam, and I found it very interesting, but I think it is a lie, because they say great and marvelous things about Islam, that are true, but, for example, they don't say that Islam is an oppressive religion for women and their rights, and nowadays there's a lot of countries with stupid wars related to religion.
publicado por Bedmar, Patricia 3ºA, el 26.12.2012 07:30
In my opinion the video that explains islam better is the first,where the children speak about the five pillars of this religion and here is the
meaning of islam.
The video of the kaaba is interesting because it ``says´´ what they do at this place.
publicado por Ismael Rodriguez 2ºc, el 26.12.2012 12:38
I think the most interesting video is the video about food, because it shows the different traditions between christians and muslims
publicado por Cristina Vallejo 3ºC E.S.O, el 26.12.2012 14:54
For me, the best videos are the first and the video about food. The firdt video it's very important because it teachs the children the five pilars of Islam and the other video is important to, because it teachs an important tradition that differences Islam of the other religions, the food.
publicado por Raquel San Martin 3ºC E.S.O., el 26.12.2012 19:39
I think the most interesting video is that talk to the kaaba because i thinked people who were less.
publicado por Silvia román 3ºC eso, el 27.12.2012 08:40
I liked the video where children explain the pillars of Islam.To my the most curious is the video of the kaaba , where "so many" pilgrims of day and night while others pray. What I do not like is their food!!!! Bye.
publicado por Blanca Cortés 2ºC E.S.O., el 27.12.2012 17:07
I think all the videos were very interesant. I liked the video of the alphabet,it was very easy to understand and the letters were so curious.
I think the Kaaba is very small for all of those pilgrims.
publicado por Juanjose Martínez 2ºC ESO, el 31.12.2012 14:03
Really all videos have taught me something about Islam, but there are two that have taught me more or I have get more information. These are the first, wich is about the five pillars of Islam, and the other is the second, wich is about six major beliefs of Islam.
However, those who have fascinated me most are the fourth, which is about the Kaaba, and the fifth, wich is about a completely different alphabet from ours.
publicado por David Aymat Filipek (3ºC), el 01.01.2013 12:10
My favourite video is the first because I think is important to learn the important things in other religions and to convive with diferent people
publicado por (2ºC) Nuria Miguel, el 01.01.2013 16:40
I think that the last three videos are the best because it learn the tradicions of the islam people the food,the music and the alphabet.It was excepcional
publicado por 2B victoria Juárez, el 03.01.2013 09:50
I saw all the videos and I think that the video of the Kaaba in the Meca is the most interesting because it shows to us the core of the islam
publicado por Angel Sanchez 2 c, el 04.01.2013 08:48
In my opinion,the first video is the most important becouse it teachs the children the five pilars of Islam,and I think so is the most important religious becouse it,s more intersting.
publicado por Gabriel Ruiz Alonso 3ºC, el 05.01.2013 09:31
Hello Juan Antonio,
I have see all the videos and I have learned a lot of Islam with those videos.
The first video has a easy vocabulary.
I like the music video because the music of Islam is so different.
The food video show as the different kind of food in Islam
The alphabet is a bit strange.
publicado por Alberto López Pascual 2ºB, el 05.01.2013 10:51
after seeing all the videos,I think the most important to learn is the first,"The five pillars",because you learn something of islam in a different way and because it's very interesting but also I liked the video that teaches you the kaaba.
publicado por Sara ruiz (2ºC), el 05.01.2013 19:22
Hi people!!
I think that the video that has given me more information and I learned the most was the second because in that video I have seen the importance of Mecca for Muslims.
publicado por Kira 2º C, el 07.01.2013 07:48
Sorry for writing so late, but I was abroad.
After watching all videos I've decided to writ about the Pilgrimage one.
I think that without words that scene represents the importance of the religion that is able to control million of people, and the respect of many people in their faith. Also explain one of the pillars but in a natural way, so people that probably know about this tradition, can make a true view of this pilgrimage.
Other important statement is how they sing the Koran and how people follow that preaching.
Now my question is- after they pilgrimage, they feel more Muslims blood, or is simply a trdition?
publicado por 3ºC Álvaro López, el 07.01.2013 09:05
I´ve seen all these videos and all of them were very interesting, I think they help us to learn a lot of things of the Islam in a funny way and without studying.My favourite videos are:
The first one, becouse it´s easy to understand all the conversation between those children and I´ve learned which are the five pilars of Islam.
I also like the video that shows us how the Kaaba is. This video is impressive becouse we can see that there are lots and lots of people praying and turning around that famous mosque and we also can see how the people is and how are their clothes.
Finally, I like the video of the muslim alphabet becouse is so curious the big difference between our alphabet and muslim´s alphabet.
publicado por Natalia Sánchez ( 2º C ), el 07.01.2013 10:17
Hello Juan Antonio,
I´ve seen all the videos and they were fantastic. They help me to understand the Islam easier.
With the video which I learn more is the first one in which one muslim explain the five pillars of islam to another boy.
I also learn alot with the map in which we can see that in America there aren´t big muslim's groups.
With the video of the Kaaba I think that the muslims need to enlarge this place; because in a few time the islam will be the religion with more people adherent; because they have alot of sons and daughters.
With the three last videos I learn alot of the islamic culture.
publicado por Asier (2ºC), el 07.01.2013 11:49
I think the best video is that what show us the five pillars of Islam, because I think it's a good an easy form to learn it and I think a children can learn the five pillars whit this video.
publicado por Lara Vllanueva 3º A, el 07.01.2013 11:54
Hello .
I have seen all the videos and in my opinion the video that you learn most is the first but the video that I most liked is the musical video.
publicado por Jorge Pulpillo (2ºC), el 07.01.2013 14:55
Good afternoon,Juan Antonio
The first video is interesting and entertaining; two children teach us a part of Islamic culture.
Arabic alphabet signs are difficult and I have tried drawing them.
I have not understood very well the music video, there is a combination of american rap with arabic music.
The typical food of Islam has a wide variety of vegetables and sauces that I have not yet tested.
publicado por Laura G. Muñecas 2º B, el 07.01.2013 16:47
Hi Juan Antonio,

I have really enjoyed the videos because each has a bit of Muslim culture. I find it very curious that of the Kaaba shrine as it is very surprising to see all these people coming together to give the seven laps of the building. Also I've noticed and I discovered that not only the Jews have the kippah, but also the majority of Muslims. They also wear long robe, which I find very interesting since they are ... rather in very hot areas.
I hope you liked my comment.
publicado por Bárbara Fernández 2ºA, el 08.01.2013 14:57
Hello Juan Antonio,
In my opinion,the video most interesting is the first because he teachs the five pillars of Islam,but the second video is very interesting too because teachs the tradiction of the Islam.
publicado por Estefanía Álvaro 3ºC, el 08.01.2013 15:10
in my opinion this video isinteresting because he teachs the five pillars and too teachs the tradiction of the islam.other thing important of this video is that show her costumes ,foot
publicado por sandra taboada, el 08.01.2013 15:17
Hi all, the video you liked most to me was the children who tell us to teach Islam as their religion.
publicado por edu, el 08.01.2013 15:22
my favourite video is which talk about the alfabet because is how they communicate. If we don't know how to express their feelings, we can't understand.
publicado por 2°ESO C Cristina Calvo López, el 08.01.2013 15:29
In my opinion I think that the best video it's the first because contains all the religion in a little time
publicado por Carlos trapero 2C, el 08.01.2013 15:33
In my opinion old videos are very well at educative confines, but my favourite is the video who is about a conversation between two boys and one of them is muslim and teach to the other boy the five muslims pilars.
publicado por Marcos Serrano Polo 3º C E.S.O., el 08.01.2013 19:40
All the videos were very interesting because our lives are very different from Muslim's lives. I like the video of the Kaaba, because it was pretty amazing how much people was ther praying! And also I liked the video about their costumes, their food, their alphabet, etc. because it was so interesting learn about a diferent kind os society.
publicado por C. Villalmanzo, 3*C, el 09.01.2013 04:34
hello! I saw all videos and I like they two. But if I have to chose one I will prefeer the second one,becouse it saw a important event in the islam's religion
publicado por Arturo rodriguez 2c, el 09.01.2013 10:23
Hello Juan Antonio :
Me I have seen all the videos. They have seemed to me to be very interesting because with them I could have learned and to study with more facility .The video of five pilars I have liked very much because with them I could have learned very well and with them I could have revised the given thing already in class. When I saw the video of the Kaaba it seemed to me to be very interesting because I was not imagine that it was so big but if to the Kaaba it is necessary to go with white clothes why there were people with dark clothes? On the other hand I have liked it how the Muslims associate forms of words with the real ones, in addition it is a religion in the alphabet that they use and the music to that they listen is different from the Christian .The food that they prepare is different too. They prepare it with many spices, in addition with products that we do not have, or food that we also prepare the different form .I have liked very much see this videos.
publicado por Carmen López-Cámara Delgado 3º E.S.O. B, el 09.01.2013 18:03
Good evening.
I have watched all the videos, but for me, the best is the first because I think the Five Pillars are very interesting and they are a very important thing of the islam religion.
publicado por Ana Garcés Iglesias 2ºB, el 10.01.2013 17:34
Hi Juan Antonio;
All the videos are so entertaining and they talk us about many things. The video which talks about the Kaaba and what muslims do when they go there is very interesting, it shows all the things they have to do when they go the first time there and all the rites. The video which talks about the five pilars of Islam is interesting, too; they are so curious, but you have to do them if you are muslim. The rest are entertaining, too, but i like this two the most.
publicado por Marcos De Mingo 2B, el 10.01.2013 17:36
Hello Juan Antonio:
The islam religion a very INTERESTING religion, with a lot of genous people, but there are some traditions that are a bit extrange to us, the cristian people, like do not eat in Ramadam monthbecause people that eat a lot, that is my case, I do not know how they are not ungry; and like do not eat pig meat and all these things that muslims can not eat or drink, do not drink acoholic drinks, I think is a good tradition, but eat pig meat, I think it is owful to them, because it is very good meat, I think the best. But there is a lot of good traditions too, like go to La Meca on foot, be ause you meet a lot of special and interesting people.
I am surprise about all people that is in The Kaaba Temple all days, because it is always like in the video, it is never with out people, it is inredible.
And the last thing I am going to coment is that here are lots of muslim people in the world, because they are instalated in a lot of African countries, all Indonesia and some Asiatics countries.
See you.
publicado por Alvaro Fernández, el 15.01.2013 16:33
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