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21 de Diciembre, 2014 · General

FREEDOM AGAINST RELIGIOUS FANATICISM. La libertad frente al fanatismo religioso.

I encourage you to read an interesting article on religion and fanaticism. It points out some key references in order to develop a critical learning-teaching and understanding in the history of religions.

You can read it by pressing on the following link:

The title of the article is: The Danger of Religious Fanaticism. By James Greene.

I would like to underline the next quotations from the text:

"People who act reprehensibly in the name of honor, justice and religion like Simon and Levi have been around for a long time and never seem to understand the reason for their heinous actions. They always offer an explanation for their crime which pushes the blame onto the victim, but the source of their offense is their own uncontrolled nature. To that end, Jacob, here from his death bed at the end of our story, seems to offer us the first warning of the dangers of religious fanaticism"

"And although in our part of the world we no longer murder people for acting in a way that we disagree with, I see more and more fanatical religious beliefs passed off for moral judgments in our society without question. Last week while flipping channels, I happened across a show on TBN, the Trinity Broadcasting Network which boats a viewer base of millions of people, in which fundamentalist Christians went out and were videotaped witnessing to people. One man, while speaking to a young woman, asked if she was gay. When the young woman answered in the affirmative, the man's tone changed. He became angry and aggressive, and spoke of the young woman's place in eternal damnation for her lifestyle and that if she would just choose to let Jesus into her heart, that she could yet change her ways and lead a normal life. On CNN, I recently saw a clip of a Jerry Fallwell, a fundamentalist preacher from Kansas, in which he claimed that hurricane Katrina was a punishment from God for the perverse and Godless nature of our country. Pat Roberts recently said on his show, The 700 Club, that Ariel Sharon's disengagement from Gaza was the cause of his massive and debilitating stroke. "Sharon was dividing God's land and I would say woe unto any prime minister of Israel who takes a similar course to appease the EU, the United Nations or the United States." Can you imagine the hatred that it must take to make such a statement?"


"And the saddest thing is that peace and tolerance is preached by all three of the Abrahamic faiths. "The greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God with all your heart, and the second is like unto it, to love your neighbors as yourself," Jesus taught. The Torah holds that "he who turns away from a stranger might as well turn away from the most high God." And the Quran echoes, "Allah put different peoples on this earth not that they might despise one another, but that they might come to know one another and cherish one another." These universal religious teachings offer, in the language of the heart, a set of ideals that enjoins neighborliness and may therefore help to save us not only from our enemies but also from ourselves"



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