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02 de Junio, 2016 · General

How To Avoid Bullying and Cyberbullying

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How To Avoid Bullying and Cyberbullying. Preventative Measures. Basic Tips.

  1. Never post personal information (name, address, phone number, school name, passwords)
  2. Always check the TO: field (Make sure that you are sending the message you are sending to the right person. Double check the spelling and make sure that you add your friend to your contact list of your email service or program.)
  3. Don't be gullible 
  4. Don't respond to an angry message with anger 
  5. Never open messages from strangers 
  6. Don't forward (resending) chain mails, hoaxes or long emails 
  7. Write personal messages to avoid mistakes with different friends.
  8. Proofread your messages 
  9. Beware of certain topics 
  10. Don't post anything that is very private 

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Bystanders to upstanders TEN TIPS TO PREVENT BULLYING

1.      Be a friend to someone who is being bullied: Walk with the target in the hall, sit with her at lunch, welcome her into your group, "friend" her on Facebook.

2.      Help the target talk to an adult: Walk with her to a counselor's officer or a teacher, or make a witness report if you were there when the bullying occurred.

3.      Don't participate: Avoid spreading rumors, contributing to online bullying, laughing at mean remarks, or actively adding to the bullying in any way.

4.      Tell the bully to stop: Assertively tell the bully that you don't like what she's doing, that it's bullying, and that it needs to stop. And always speak to an adult when you witness bullying.

5.      Tell bystanders to stop: If you see others participating in bullying or laughing along, tell them they're making the problem worse and are also bullying. Stop untrue rumors.

6.      Reach out to newcomers: If you notice a new person at your school, reach out to her; introduce her to your friends and make her feel welcome.

7.      Don't be afraid to think independently or be the only one voicing what others are probably thinking: The people most celebrated in our culture are those who took the risk to speak out and stand up to injustice.

8.      Start an upstander club at your school: Let others know you dislike bullying and you want to struggle against it with more people and they will find support if they're bullied.

9.      Talk to parents, teachers, principals, and staff about bullying at school: Tell them where it's happening, and where kids need greater protection.

10.  Sign an anti-bullying pledge: Write down your own commitment to preventing bullying, and ask your friends to sign their agreement. 
Read more:


1. Choose three of the most interesting pieces of advice to prevent bullying in your school. Give three reasons to support your decision.
2. Which of the above tips is the least interesting and why?
3. Add a different tip to the list.

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