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25 de Abril, 2015 · General

MAYAN CULTURE AND RELIGION. Cultura y religión maya

    The Mayan culture was a complex civilization with a lot of interesting elements for nowadays citizens around the world. Let’s take a look at the next short videos that teach us about the Mayan civilization. La cultura maya fue una civilización muy compleja cargada de interés histórico para muchos ciudadanos de todo el mundo. Veamos los siguientes vídeos que nos enseñan cuestiones sobre la civilización maya. 


This first video depicts the Mayan culture from the perspective of a nowadays Mayan descendant. El primer vídeo muestra la cultura maya desde la perspectiva de un descendiente maya actual.




    The next video offers some example of Mayan rituals, ceremonies and beliefs. El siguiente vídeo ofrece algunos ejemplos de rituales, ceremonias y creencias mayas.




     We can learn more about the Mayan by watching the following video on Mayan engineering. Podemos aprender más sobre la cultura maya viendo el siguiente vídeo sobre la ingeniería maya.





Mayans Played Sophisticated Deadly Ball Games

The ancient Maya ballgame was played for thousands of years throughout Mesoamerica, and had great religious significance.Contact with the ball was limited. Any body part, except the hands and feet, was allowed; The abdomen, thighs, upper arms and back were used. Maybe even the head. Kicking or throwing the ball was forbidden. In addition, the ball was not allowed to touch the ground. Slightly larger than basketball hoops, the rings were positioned on opposite walls, about 25 feet above the playing field. The ball had to be bounced off the wall in order to enter a ring. The ball was made of rubber and weighed about eight pounds! This made severe injury a definite possibility. Ballplayers wore protective gear, including wide padding around their hips called “yokes.” They also wore pads on their forearms and knees so they could fall to the ground in a kneeling position and hit the ball with one hip. Game play itself is thought to have been incredibly violent. Players would ram into each other at top speed so as to cause serious injury or death to an opponent, and this was actively encouraged by the referees. The game ended when the first goal was scored.


     Knowing more on other cultures and on the history of different countries help us to be freer. It is very important to locate each belief in its historical context, its time and circumstances. Learning to understand and respect our different cultures is learning to respect ourselves.

     Conocer más sobre otras culturas y la historia de los pueblos nos hace más libres. Es importante situar cada creencia en su contexto histórico, su tiempo y circunstancias. Aprender a comprender y respetar nuestras diferencias culturales es aprender a respetarnos a nosotros mismos.


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1B Lidia Vacas Gutiérrez
I like the first video the most, because it explains better than the others and I think that if you don´t know anything about Mayan people, this video explains you better than the others two videos. I have learn a lot about Mayan culture. The part of the first video that have impress me the most, is the part that shows you the monuments, it impress me the most, because you see the monuments and stop and think that these monuments have been there milions of years and you look it again and they are in perfect conditions. This is what I think about the three videos.
publicado por Lidia Vacas Gutiérrez 1B E.S.O., el 29.04.2015 14:10
i like the first one because they explain that the can speak a lot of language
publicado por daniel tejada 1B, el 29.04.2015 14:59
hi Juan Antonio:
I have seen the three videos and for me, the first one is the best of the three ones, because we can learn that it wasn´t only one language there were 30 languages and only some few people can speak so is interesting to learn because if we don´t know it the people that know it is going to die and the languages are going to disappear .
I have just seen the building and the are broke and there was all in ruins and the roof of the mayan temple was in the floor and it was all a mess
And the temples were all very tall and there were to much stairs and when I saw the video I was thinking how the people go up stairs and down .
And the questions are :
-What did they believe in ?
-How did they built the temples without cement and the rocks didn´t fall down?
publicado por Carlos B 1esoa, el 29.04.2015 15:19
Hi Juan Antonio:
The video that I like the most and I enjoy the most is the second one (Ancient Mayan Religion Civilisation).
Why? Because I think the video tell us how they worshipped Gods, who are the Mayas, the type of sacrifice, and the illustrations are also very useful to see an example of everything they explain us.
I think the thing I like the most is the one of the afterlife, and its boat of underworld. Also the part in which they tell us in what year they thought the world will end 21-12-2012, and the first humans how where they ... etc. also like the third and the first, but I prefer the second. I HOPE YOU HAVE A NICE DAY!
publicado por 1 B ESO . Pintado Martínez Paula, el 01.05.2015 11:20
I like all the videos but the most i like and enjoy it is the second video because i think that it interesting the mayan gods:
as, CIZIN the main god of dead , ITZAMA the god of the fight and MANIK the god of people sacrifices also i like how they explain sacrifices.The mayan sacred creation story and the mayan calendar
And my quetions are:
that in the first video i dont know
how didn't fall down all these temples or pyramids because in the video it looks made of clay or rocks?
and in the third video
i dont understand very well
why are abandoned the city states by the people?
publicado por RICARDO 1eso A, el 01.05.2015 15:49
The most interesting vídeo for me is the first one because it shows us how did they do some ceremonies and some rituals and the most interesting thing un this vídeo is when they mumified it
How was it built?
Of what materials are they make it?
publicado por Marcos Delgado 1°A, el 02.05.2015 05:44
The video that I liked most was the second. It has a more varied content than the first one.It is more organized and it begins with the origin, I mean, where it's located, their believes, how they lived, etc.What I liked most was the sacrifice. As they thought that killing someone benefited their God. I also liked that Mayan culture It is made up of expert builders, excellent astronomers, precise calendar keepers, and experienced artists. They give continuity to their traditions, their ways of thinking and their language, and they are worthy heirs of their origins.
My questions are:
➡why did they though that the Earth could be destroyed and how?
➡how did they create the calendar?
➡how did they buid the piramids
publicado por Irene Cortázar Lavesiera, el 02.05.2015 07:39
Hi Juan Antonio!
I think that the video that teachs you the most interesting things about mayas is the second one because it talks about the the mayan rituals like human sacrifices, all the gods that they had, it Also talks about how they thought that humans where created and I think that it is the best and the most interesting video because it teachs you a lot of things of mayan culture.
My questions are:
- why did they thought that mens came from trees and woman from the Grass?
- why piramids where chosen to bury people? Why not other building?
publicado por Raquel Briz 1A ESO, el 02.05.2015 17:27
Hi Juan Antonio:
I think the three videos are explained very good,but the one i like the most is the second one because it talks about human sacrifices and rituals.They were very hard and different from others, and Also because they tell you interesting mayan gods.
My questions are:
-how they built the temples?
-how did they create the calendar?
publicado por Jorge Tellado Barroso 1B eso, el 03.05.2015 06:53
Hi Juan Antonio:
I think that the video that teaches the most interesting thing related with HCR is the second one because it talk about how was their religion,their gods,their culture,their calendarand how were their sacrifices and rituals.
-when the spanish invadors invade Maya city?
-whattemple was used as a backdrop in the movie Star
publicado por Alberto Barral 1º A, el 03.05.2015 07:16
Hi Juan Antonio,
I think the video that teaches me the most interesting things connected with HCR is the second,because they explain how they were,the sacrifices,the gods,etc.
And I have two questions:
1.What are the thirty Mayan languages?
2.Which are the 3 most important rituals?
publicado por Alicia Cortés 1º ESO -A-, el 03.05.2015 07:51
Hi Juan Antonio!😄
I think the video most related to HCR is the second one. Plus,it's the one I like the most. It gives us more information about the Mayan culture , their religion, their Gods, their rituals, it is more complete. It explains who are the Mayans and how they worshipped their Gods. What I liked most waste sacrifice, they would do anything for their God.
My questions are:
--> How were the pyramids made?
--> Why did they think people came from plants? (Like men from trees and women from grass)
publicado por Paula Anderson 1eso A, el 03.05.2015 07:56
Hi Juan Antonio:
I think that the video that teaches me the most interesting things related with HCR is the second one, because it is more organized in:
-Who were the Mayans?
-What did they believe in?
-Who were the gods?
-How did they worship?
-Sacred creation story
-Mayan calendar

and I liked so much the sacred creation story and the Mayan calendar.

My questions:
-What are the thirty Mayan languages?
-How did they create the calendar?
publicado por Alicia Sacristán 1ºeso A, el 03.05.2015 08:27
Y have seen the video and i think that the first video i the best because how they join to the family because they are having very bad time.
I am going to say the three questions:
-(first video)did their costumes stil being the same?
-(second video)why they abandond their homes?
-(third video)the mayan people stil beliving the same story for moré than TEO mullí ons of years?
publicado por Ignacio aroca, el 03.05.2015 10:31
I have seen the three videos and I think that the best one is the first because they have a lot of languages and all though the are having a bad time they keep in family.
I am going to say the three questions:
(First video) did they have the same languages since millions of years?
(Second video)Do they stil having the same gods?
(Third video) Did they stil having the same cities?
publicado por ignacio arcoca, el 03.05.2015 16:15
Hi juan antonio
I have seen all the videos and I think the best one is the first because all though they are having a very bad time they meep with their families and the love a lot
I am going to say the three questions:
(First video) did they stil having the same custumes?
(Second video) Did the stil having the same gods
(Third video) Did the have the same cities during millions of years?
publicado por ignacio arcoca, el 03.05.2015 16:21
Hi Juan Antonio,
I saw the three videos and I think they are amazing, but the one that teaches us the most interesting things connected with H.C.R, for me, is the second one, it speaks about the religion that they had, the sacrifices and it is the one that enjoyed the most.

Although I knew almost of all those things,because I went to Mexico, I still have some questions.
-I also read the pharagraph about the ball game and I don't understand how did they hit the ball with their arms, legs and hips and it didn't hurt them
-And how did they construct all those pyramids to sacrify people and to watch the constellations?
publicado por Lucía Mateo 1ºA ESO, el 04.05.2015 14:49
Hi Juan antonio😃,
I think that the video that teaches the most interesting things connected with h.c.r is the second one.
And my questions are:
•How the piramid was built?
•how did they create the calendar?
publicado por Arantxa aquino 1°A, el 04.05.2015 15:22
Hi Juan Antonio,
I think the video that is related more related to HCR is the second one. Althought the first one is a quiclky summary of the Mayas,the second is related to their religions,customs and religious practices which is what we study in your subject.
My questions for the first video would be:Why do you still hiding your languages and you don't teach them to more people?
For the third video would be: How could you built those giant buildings if you only use the human force? See you in tuesday. ;)
publicado por Elena cilleros rguez., el 04.05.2015 15:47
Hi Juan Antonio, the video that taught the most of the three is the second, cause I like how the Mayans built the temples, now my question is about the first one: Why were the most of the Mayas live in the past in America and not in other places, I mind in the world are like 10 millions of Mayas, and 6 millions live in America, why the most live in that places, and not live like, in each city 2 millions, and not in one 6 and in the others in each like 0,5 millions.
publicado por Pablo Serrano 1ESO A, el 04.05.2015 15:49
Helga Coronado 1°A ESO
My favorite video is the second one because I think it explainmore things ,like their believes,customs,etc.I think that video helps me to undestand better Mayan culture and I also think it helps me ti learn more about them.
My questions are:
-How did they build all that pyramids?
-How did they create the calendar?
-Of what materials te pyramids were build?
publicado por Helga Coronado Molina 1°A ESO, el 04.05.2015 16:02
Hello Juan Antonio
The vídeo that teaches you the most interesting thing connected with h.c.r second one.
My questions are:
What did they believe in??
Who were TVE gods??
publicado por Aura Cuaran 1°A, el 04.05.2015 16:22
publicado por valeria 1 eso A, el 05.05.2015 12:44
The thing that impressed me the most is that they burried dead people under their houses. I think that would be very difficult to live with
publicado por 1º B ESO Serrano de la Nogal Jorge, el 05.05.2015 13:31
I have seen the videos and the one I like the most is the second one and my questions are :
How could they live with burried corps under their houses?
how could they make that beautiful sculptures of their gods?
publicado por 1º B ESO Serrano de la Nogal Jorge, el 05.05.2015 13:37
Hi, Juan Antonio.
I have just watched the three videos and I think my favourite one is the first because it shows us how people lived in other countrys and it help me to be another person. This videos shows us the things they had to live in that country. This video has shown me the Mayan country which is very good for me and my futur. They made their own food, clothes, calendars... There are different types of jobs that help people survive: teachers, doctors, archaeologist... I also really like from the video are the monuments because they have resisted a lot and they are fantastic arts. Have a nice day
publicado por Lucia Perez Garrido 1ºB ESO, el 05.05.2015 15:33
I think the best video of all is the first one, because it is not very Long but it explains the most important things.a woman talks about her familie and explains her religious rituals.
My questions are:
Why did they disapear?
Why did they have so many gods, why didn't they only believed in one god?
publicado por Sabela s 1 eso A, el 05.05.2015 15:51
Hi Juan Antonio:
i have seen the three videos but the one i like the most is the second one because it explains lots of things.The things that impressed me a lot are the rituals and the sacrffies because the were to hard with the people.
My questions are:
What is the matirial that makes up the calendar?
Why did they thought to make the calendar?
publicado por Paula Miguel Gomez 1B ESO, el 05.05.2015 19:14
Hi Juan Antonio i think the video that teach me more and develop more about mayan culture is the secon because it teachs you obout human sicrificies and it teches you how piramedes were made ,how they create the calendar , etc
and my questions are
how thought to make the calendar
how long they spend to built the temple
that s all thanks
publicado por alvaro egido 1A eso, el 06.05.2015 14:55
hi juan antonio
I like the second because is more visible with the images and I understant more than the oders
but I have a question
why the mayan dissapear?
publicado por benjamin 1C ESO, el 09.05.2015 06:06
it says misterious end do you know this misterious end?
publicado por benjamin 1C ESO, el 09.05.2015 06:10
Hi Juan Antonio!
I think the best video is the second one. Because,it's the one I like the most. It gives us more information about the Mayan culture , their religion, their different Gods, their rituals, is more complete. It explains who are the Mayans and how they worshipped their Gods. What I liked most waste sacrifice how they ripped (arrancar)the heart, they would do anything for their God.
My questions are:
1.How were the pyramids made? was Mayan engineering?

By and have a great weekend
publicado por 1.ESO.C Guillermo Fernandez, el 09.05.2015 07:24
hi juan antonio
i think the best video is the second one becauseit gives us more imformation about the mayan culture their religion their different gods
what i like the most waste sacrifide how they ripped the heart they would do anything for their god
1-what is the material of the pyramids
2-why the mayan dissaper
publicado por miriam lopez astilleros honrado, el 11.05.2015 13:00
publicado por miriam lopez astilleros honrado 1ª A, el 11.05.2015 13:02
hi Juan Antonio,
i´ve watched the three videos and i think that the best video is the second one. why? because it shows how was the mayan calendar, how they sacrified, in this part it was so interesting for me because i don´t imagine how they puts the heart outside and put it in a balnce, they show the three important gods of the mayan culture, and they anwser the important questions of the mayan culture.and also the first one is a little bit interesting because they show how people were at that age. and my two question are:
Which material they used to make their own clothes?
How they did creste the calendar?
well this is all i have to say bye!
publicado por Alba Arranz Garrido 1A eso, el 12.05.2015 15:01
Hi Juan Antonio,
I relly liked the three videos but the one I liked the most was the first one. For me, it is the best because I think it´s really interesting that people continue bealiving in the same religion as their ancestors. It is great because like this we can keep on learning of ancient religions, their believes, thier customes, their gods and how did they worshiped them, the sacrifices, their dicovers, the huge quantity of languages they knew, etc. This culture has really interesting things, it invented a calendar which was different to that one which we have nowadays, it was related to astrology and they also invented the use of 0 in maths. Because all of these reasons I liked the first video the most.
My two questions are: 1- Why did mayans abandoned their cities? 2- How did they built the monuments for them to keep on staying in such well conditions?
Bye and have a nice day, Paula
publicado por Paula Sanz 1º E.S.O. B, el 12.05.2015 15:51
Eva Gomez Fernández 1eso C
After watching the three videos this is what I think:
-FIRST VIDEO: Why did they wear those typès of costumes?
-SECOND VIDEO: This is the one I liked the most because it contains the most complete information about mayan religión and explains it perfectlly. It talks about the begining of the culture till the end and explains their sacrifices, food and rutines but I cant understand why did they dissapear. This video explains each important fact whithout too many boring details and its better for that reason.
-THIRD VIDEO: How mayan engineer was like?
Thanks for showing those videos to us.
Have a nice day!
publicado por Eva Gomez Fernandez, el 13.05.2015 13:08
Alejandra Ispas 1ºC
Hi, I have seen the three videos, and I think the three of them are interesting because of what it wants to learn us.
The one that I like the most is the second one, because at the same the time I am learning something new, I am also feeling the emotion of the situation in which are they .I mean ,while I am watching, I can see how they suffer when they sacrifice, when they take out their heart.
The second one also, explains very good , and complex information ,but in a way that it becomes interesting and you don’t get bored.
-Every language of the Mayan culture had a different name, to distinguish between them?
-How could they built the pyramids in such a way, to see properly the hole constellation from a good point of view?
publicado por alejandra ispas 1ºC, el 14.05.2015 14:42
Adriana godillot bueno 1ºC
I have already seen the three videos and they are very interesting but i don’t really like the sacrifices because they are a Little bit scary and disgusting
The most interesting video in my opinion is the first one because it is incredible and I really admire how can they have so many languages in one single culture and how can they understand between them with so many languages .
I have some other questions about the other videos:
-how much time did they spend to build the pyramids?
-how can they be so precise in astronomy without any electrical instruments?
publicado por Adriana Godillot Bueno1ºC, el 14.05.2015 15:29
Hello Juan Antonio:
I think is very incredible Mayas are keeping some traditions from the past such as the cultivate of corn and the solar calendars ,it´s mysterious that their ancestors depopulate some of their countries.
In my point of view is very curious in the second video the thing of the afterlife and the heaven ,which was on Earth.
I think they were a really intelligent culture because of their instruments for astronomy ,there wasn´t other way too satisfy the gods ,that wasn´t sacrifice?
Thanks for all this information that resolve us our doubts.
publicado por Alba Hermosa 1º ESO C, el 17.05.2015 07:38
Hi Juan Antonio.
I have seen the three videos and the one that I most like is the second one,because I think it is the one that explains better the Mayan Culture.It is also interesting how did they sacrifice people to worship their gods and how did they take away it´s heart.
I have two questions about the other videos:
FIRST - Why did they wanted more than 30 languages to speak?
THIRD - How was it´s engineering?
Bye,have a nice day!
publicado por Alejandro Fernandez Garcia 1ºC ESO, el 17.05.2015 07:42
Hi Juan Antonio,
The video I enjoyed the most is the second because it talks more about mayas and give more information.
Why did mayas dissapear?
How much precise was there science with their tehnologie?
publicado por Daniel Filloy, el 18.05.2015 14:39
I'm of first C, sorry
publicado por Daniel Filloy, el 18.05.2015 14:40
Hi Juan Antonio,
this is what I think about the three videos:
-FIRST VIDEO:How many languages did they speak?
-SECOND VIDEO:This is my favourite video,especially when they explain the origin of the world in the point of view of th mayans.
-THIRD VIDEO:How did the piramids were built?
publicado por alvaro lopez 1c eso, el 19.05.2015 15:35
Hi juantonio:

The video i like the most is the first o e because is a general point of view of the mayan culture and Its shows you some spectacular monuments that it impressed me a lot, and how with lots of lenguajes can they understand one each other.
My questions are:
-how can they do the calendar
-why only the piramids seré to buey persons and not another building
publicado por David Morala Arias 1.C, el 20.05.2015 12:45
hi juan antonio i had already saw the three videos .The one that i like the most is the third one because it is the most comlete of all ,i like their form of life and they had a big knowledge for make all this monuments and for predict all the solar calendaries.but the doubt of all this is.
why they made all this precious monuments and pyramids if they are going to leave their.
publicado por Andrea Gonzalez De Frutos 1ºC E.S.O, el 21.05.2015 14:45
Hi Juan Antonio:
My point of beaw of the three videos...
THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!Bcause I lake to much thoose thinks of past things like mayan culture or other things from the past but I´m not agree sacrifaing people and animals but talking about other things.
The video that a really like the most is the first and a bit of the second but the third no so much because is very long and the explanation of the mens are very boring .
The third i like so much becase they are amazing how they do their clothes (that are very beautiful)and their calendars and also their temples where they did their rituals.
Why did they kill the people? is not so inteligent
what do they do to recover the people?
publicado por Roberto Garcia Padilla 1ºC :), el 21.05.2015 15:06
HiJuan Antonio:
Mi favourite video from these three is the first because they have a lot of languages and they can talk in different ways.
for the second I thinck that:how can they take of te heart of a person?
and for the third I thik that:how can they built so big things?
And these is what I think from your videos thaks you for sawing us.
publicado por Alejandro Marino 1ºC ESO, el 21.05.2015 17:51
Hi,Juan Antonio:
-I Have just seen the three videos but I think that the most interesant is the seconD I LIKE the arqueological rests the gods etc...
The questions are:
-In which consisted the mayan burials?
- And WHAT trascencence have the mayan calendar?
publicado por Marcos martin 1ºC, el 21.05.2015 18:18
hi Juan Antonio
i have just seen the videos an the video i like the most is the first one because it explain all abaout the mayan culture for example what lenguajes they speak what things do they eat
and this is why the first video is the most interesting for me
bye Brais
publicado por Rodriguez Garcia Brais, el 27.05.2015 13:07
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