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01 de Marzo, 2015 · General

Te recomiendo escuchar a Brian Johnson en sus PhilosophersNotes. I recommend listening to PhilosophersNotes, by Brian Johnson.

     Brian Johnson en sus PhilosophersNotes ha editado una serie de vídeos y textos que recomiendo a mis alumnos y a todos que quieran aventurarse en la compleja tarea de hacerse libres. Somos libres hagamos lo que hagamos. Pero si, independientemente de eso, ser libre también significa capacitarse para desarrollar nuestras capacidades al máximo, para poder llegar a ser lo mejor de nosotros mismos, entonces, necesitamos ser disciplinados, coherentes, debemos cuidarnos, aprovechar todas las oportunidades, etc. Brian Johnson explica todo esto, de una manera original, presentando libros.

     Si deseas aprender y reforzar tu inglés y crecer en un pensamiento crítico que defiende la libertad, echa un vistazo a los vídeos de Brian Johnson.

     Aquí tines un enlace o "link", donde vas a acceder a la página web y a muchos vídeos y material de Brian Johnson. Como profesor te invito y animo a que explores y aprendas de este trabajo de Brian Johnson.

    Brian Johnson in his PhilosophersNotes has published some of videos in YouTube that I recommend my students and everybody who wants to experience the complex task to develop his/her freedom. I know we are free even when we do nothing to be free, however, freedom also means being able to develop our capacities as much as possible, in order to touch the best of our possibilities. To do so, we require developing abilities like our willpower, discipline, coherence, healthy habits and so on. And Brian Johnson explains all that stuff in his videos in a quite original way, by introducing some interesting books.

     Above you have a link where you will be able to connect with the Brian Johnson website. There, you will find a wide amount of videos and interesting stuff. As a teacher, who has been teaching for 25 years, I suggest taking a look and learning by working with this stuff by Brian Johnson.





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Hi, Juan Antonio, I`ve seen Bryan Johnson´s video and I enjoyed it so much! I´m so interested in psichology as I am always listening to my mum´s teachings. I think that a habit is a behaviour or thought that has been repeated until it has become automatic (until we repeat it without thinking).
Since we are born we are brought up to repeat some of them, and not to repeat another, by receiving rewards or punishments.
Many of our current behaviors and thoughts are habits that maybe, we don’t even remember when we began to develop. Most of this habits help us live better, but some of them don´t. I think that what Bryan Johnson is teaching us, is that we must remember that our acts depend on our thoughts (for example, if I worry about the others opinion about me, I`ll be afraid of talking in public, if my habit is trust in myself, I won`t be afraid) . We can reach happiness or freedom by taking control of our habits, identifying those that are not good for us and replacing them by new behaviours or thoughts about us or the world around us. He insists on being constant and paying attention in the processes of our behaviours because, when sth. Is difficult for us. , it helps us to know where we are wrong and correct it, not to create a bad thinking- habit about ourselves.
Thanks for uploading the video! !
publicado por Natalia Aldehuela, el 07.03.2015 20:11
publicado por Juan Antonio Crespo, el 26.05.2015 15:25
Answering this query I would say the best way of developping the best ouf ourselves is trying to learn every time we act, meaning living to learn. Not having prejudices, which make us falling behind and into the bottom ourselves. Just open a door, by the top of the potential you are able to reach, in that way you always will try to see through that door, you will stay and remain at this learning stage, at your best stage, increasing all the time, without fears.

I have watched the video in which Brian Johnson explains 'Iron Will'. It is really interesting the way he does, because he starts by givig a definition of will. He sais, more or less, it is everything we consider it needs to be done, and our position, our understanding about it. In order to reach an Iron will, always doing what it needs to be done, we should follow four steps. They are doing less ( not three times: thinking of the possible failure, doing it, think again of what you have done), it's great just doing things; lead all our energy and soul onto the task it's being taken; believing on what we are ; and finally, learning how to stand up after failure, which makes us champions. He refers to the following statement: wind can extinct a candle and then fuel abig fire. I consider it amazing to enjoy thinking for a while.

Now, it's my turn to ask. Do humans live on their memories or on their dreams ?
publicado por Maria Merino Asenjo 3ºB, el 26.05.2015 18:59
Answering the question, humans try to reach our dreams, but trying to achieve these dreams is corrupted and altered by the memories of each individual and triggers the challenge that proposes life: achieving our dream to be happy dreams .The also reflect our fears, because the dream all the memories that reside in the mind come to light, these bad memories must be overcome to achieve our dream

I have seen a video of Bryan Johnson in which he explains a book that talks about the power of believing you can get to achieve anything you set your mind .In the video Bryan extracted us some ideas and i have choose the first: we talk about as feeling success having reached the challenge previously set ourselves, but to achieve the challenge is not as easy as it seems, on the road they will put a lot of stones that you must overcome (which otherwise The interesting part is the challenge) .The offers us a challenge in which the purpose is to become lawyer and should not make the decision to study medicine

Finally I asked to the next one :why humans need to show others that they are the best????
publicado por RAUL MAÑAS 3B, el 27.05.2015 15:33
THe answer to the question is in my opinion that the humans do that because they feel much better than saying they are in less conditions or whatever

I have seen a video of Bryan Johnson witch explains when you are very angry you don´t have to hit another person.What you have to do is to relax and try to resolve the problem.Also when you are angry you have to think in what would be the consequences.

publicado por Alvaro Seco 3ºC ESO, el 29.05.2015 14:55
hi juan antonio:
first i´m going to answer raul´s question: so ok,i think humans have always thought that the human race are superior because we can read , communicate with words, we have the sense of reason... but between humans i think is envy to the different virtues that other have and we laught of the defect from the one we think is worse.
now my summary: i have seen the video call THE POWER OS REST. he explains that we can achive this in 5 rest that mean that in our daily life we always do the same and if we try to change 4 minutes the brain will remember this time. the second is mental rest that the solution is meditate or yoga 5 minutes per day.the third one is phisical rest that we can breathe and your muscles will rest too.the forth one is socialrest that the easier way is hang out with your friends.the last one is spiritual rest that we aim with praying and think what does praying mean to you.

my question is : how can we rest our mind if we have an uncomfortable problem or a problem that make you feel depressing and think that life is not useful?
publicado por Laura Gonzalez Martinez 3ºB, el 29.05.2015 14:57
Hi Juan Antonio,
I have seen the video of Brian Johnson that is called ´HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR LIFE´ and this video makes me think in what things i based to optimized my life and all things were include in the video the ten things that tell he to optimize our life are : optimism , purpose, self awareness, goals, action, energy, wisdom, courage, love and entheos.
The answer from Laura´s question its that we can rest our mind telling the problem to other people like your family or your friends that can help you, or if you only feel bad becouse you have some problems you can do other activities like going to the mountain or doing yoga that can help you to forget your problems.
publicado por Iván Igualada Garcia 3ºB, el 30.05.2015 06:30
I have seen Brian Johnson´s video, that man can help ourselves with his words.I like most the first video because he explains the supernatural habits with five points , in that points I like the second point : "Don´t miss a day". He explains the importance of doing something in that moment not doing two days after.And other point I like so much is use your mistakes for me that is a person that most of times don´t want to do things wrongs is very important , we learn of our mistakes nobody is perfect and he is correct with that sentence:"I´m bad " most of people thing that about themselves and we have to say ourselves I´m better that this thing is complicated for me.
answering the question of how you optimize my self is related with the things before, I optimize my self , thinking the better thing that could happen , everything will be ok , and thinking all my mistakes learn me to be a better person .
and a question is things are bad or depending on us are bad ?
publicado por Mercedes gonzalez 3A, el 30.05.2015 08:02
Hy Juan Antonio.
Fist of all, I'm going to answer Mercedes's question. I think thing will be bad if you think they will be bad, and if you want them to be good things, you have to give the best of yourself.
I have seen a video of Brian which talk us about how optimize our life. In my opinion he did a very good summary of how to do it. He said that you have to have ten important things: optimism, purpose,self-awareness, goal, action, energy, wisdom, courage, love and entheos. And I think he is right.
My question is: what make you be optimism?
publicado por Rocío Sanz, el 30.05.2015 10:51
responding to the question: things are bad or depending on if we are bad I say that we are responsible of what we do and if you are a good person the most obvious thing is that you will do good things but sometimes people can do bad things if they are moved by their feelings. So I say things are bad if we make them be like that.
I have seen the video that talks about the video and be optimistof TONY HORTON : THE BIG PICTURE. I liked the video because brian explains you how to do your best and to forget the rest, find your purpose, be awesome, how to create a voice of consistency and to be optimist. I thing this facts are a good way to develop yourself and to be happy not worrying about the bad things and they can help you as I have said to find your purpose
now, my question : death is an end or a beginning ?
publicado por Sergio fdez. 3ºA, el 30.05.2015 11:03
Hi Juan Antonio, answering the question: In my opinion death can be seen from two different points of view, from the dead's point of view if he was mindful that he was going to die then he knows it is the end for him. But from the point of view of the beloveds he leaves behind it´s a beginning, the beginning of a new life without someone they love.
At least that's how I felt when my grandma passed away at the beginning of the year, i realised i had to grow up, i had to begin a new chapter in my life in which i had to live without the support of my number 1 fan, i had to become a woman, i had to grow into a woman my grandma would have been proud of. That was my beginning, and for me there was no ending for my grandma as I will never forget her. Forgetfulness is the actual end of life.
Moving on to the video, the one I've watched is called TAKE A NAP,CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
It talks about the origin of the word siesta, how the creation of artificial light has affected our sleep times, how we´ve come to sleep 30% less than in the 19th century, how sleeping improves our mood and the way we work and about how taking naps doesn't affect your bed times.
In my opinion it is true that the amount of sleep we get affects our mood, sometimes i think that we've come to a point in which we have to deal with school, work, hobbies, all at the same time, there are now more medical prblems due to stress, we have to give up things we truly love. We have more duties the day has 24 hours and we cannot afford wasting time sleeping. The next day when we wake we are still tired, and we've to deal with work half asleep, so it takes longer to do it, we end up going to sleep even later than the night before. It's a cicle that never ends.
Now it's time for me to ask: what do you think about human beings being in a continuous rush,not having time for themselves, and even having medical problems due to stress?
publicado por Ania Pérez Prados 3B, el 30.05.2015 13:13
Hi Juan Antonio, I have seen Brian's videos and I think what he talks about is very interesting and he makes you think about very important things in life. The video I saw is called "He Can Who Thinks He Can" and he says that if you think something will be good, you wil do whatever it takes to make it good, by grit and persistence. He also says that you have to give the best of yourself everyday to get what you want and that this potential is ignited by something that forces you, something that pushes you to do those things. He says that life is one big classroom teaching us lessons that we can choose to learn or not. And he says that you have to do what you like and what you think is best for you, even if it's hard to achieve or it means so much effort.
Answering Ania's question, I think that we shouldn't live this way, that we should enjoy life and live every moment like it's the last because the material things won't give us happiness, but memories and relationships will do.
My question is: Why do we value material things more than emotions ans spiritual things?
publicado por Elena, el 30.05.2015 14:14
Hi Juan Antonio, I have seen Brian's videos and I think what he talks about is very interesting and he makes you think about very important things in life. The video I saw is called "He Can Who Thinks He Can" and he says that if you think something will be good, you wil do whatever it takes to make it good, by grit and persistence. He also says that you have to give the best of yourself everyday to get what you want and that this potential is ignited by something that forces you, something that pushes you to do those things. He says that life is one big classroom teaching us lessons that we can choose to learn or not. And he says that you have to do what you like and what you think is best for you, even if it's hard to achieve or it means so much effort.
Answering Ania's question, I think that we shouldn't live this way, that we should enjoy life and live every moment like it's the last because the material things won't give us happiness, but memories and relationships will do.
My question is: Why do we value material things more than emotions ans spiritual things?
publicado por Elena Ortega Moreno 3ºA, el 30.05.2015 14:15
HI Juan Antonio,
First of all I am going to respond to the question[why do we value material things more tan emotions and spiritual things?In first place,I am going to make a reflexión about what is better at this moment,I think that we can survive with our material things because if you have too much emotions this will not get out of your head because It is such as a state.
And now the comentary of the video that I saw...
In our life ,we have such a routine that we have to do every days and I think that in this process , we develop some habits such as dinner at half past nine and to have breakfast at eight o`clock (for example).As we develop positive habits , we can almost develop negative habits such as smoke....In our routine we can feel so many emotions such as the stress developed because of our work and in some cases hobbys like play videogames...
And now my question is;could the human being live without the company of other humans or not?
publicado por Enrique Roso 3ºB, el 30.05.2015 15:30
Hi Juan Antonio, answering to Enrique's question, in my point of view, humans need to have company, because essential feelings in life are those things you live. Well, I think that humans can't live without other humans,and also not without living things or that things that makes a person feel alive (animals, nature, landscape, people you love, etc)
After seeing the video, I realised that to do the best of ourselves is believe in ourselves, do the best of ourselves and making effort and sacrifice.
publicado por Eva Santiago 3ºA, el 30.05.2015 16:58
Hello Juan Antonio . Responding to a question from Eva , say that first of all we must note that we are integrated beings in a society in which we must live and fight and surfacing looking for our ideals and experiences to grow and flower in a garden .
Then I chose to comment on the video Happiness Search on Chris Guillebeau . The art of nonconformity , seeking an unconventional life looking nuestars own decisions. Begin to undertake a personal and professional life you want.Search convey the passion for life . You have to look through a daily routine, you achieve the goals you set only putting effort and perseverance . We must save the gap between your impossible dream and the reality , planning , overcoming challenges , using the experience , find out what we can do , achieve dreams and goals achieving the intended life. And by the way , what are your goals and dreams?. How you intend achieving?
publicado por Alba Vizuete Puñal 3ªA, el 30.05.2015 18:29
Hi Juan Antonio,
Answering Alba's question,I think the goals and dreams of people are getting what we never thought we'd get and obtain what we want. Also people intend to achieve doing things as best as we can and the best of ourselves to be proud.
I've seen the video of SUPERHUMAN BY HABIT and this video make me think if we are true superhumans. We have the hability of doing mistakes all the time, but also to solve them. We can help people who need it or we just can being happy, bacause life consist on that, being happy and feeling good and doing what we want but wihout hurting somebody and doing it right. Humans could live all with love but most of us are living not so good.
So my question is: Why humans need to be happy?
publicado por Rocío Benítez 3ºB, el 31.05.2015 06:25
Hi Juan Antonio, the answer for the question of Alba , my goals for my life is to have a great future ; work , family and health, that is my rule for life, of course always with happyness , because if its not , that its not called life; and i´am going to do whatever until i have achieved it.
i saw the video called: He Can Who Thinks He Can:I chose it because i really wanted to know the answer for that question, many people including me , wants to do other things , differents as the others we normally do, but we always think that we cant achieve it , that there is something that can diffficult our way to achieve our goals , and we give up. the thing is that if you are sure you are going to overcome that difficulties , trust me , you will be winner of the fight vs your fears and you will achieve your goals.
now , my question is : What do you have to do when difficulties appear in front of you near the finish line of your goal??
publicado por jorge lopesino 3A, el 31.05.2015 06:43
Hi, Juan Antonio:
I've seen other video from Brian Johnson and I have chosen the one which is called: "How to optimice your life" because when I saw it I got surprised and felt curious finally when I was watching it I realised he tell us such good tips! What he does in the video is talking us about a book called: "The obstacle is the way" by Ryan Holiday and another one called "Turning pro"; when he opened the book, it was amazing how he took notes! I think what this man does wirh books is amazing, getting most important ideas for those books is wonderful! It's very difficult to have the knowledge of this man... Well, the main ideas of the video, are: OPTIMISM: we have to make our mind right, doing mental training or developing attention. Another one is PURPOSE: you have to critisice everything and think seriously about your environment. Next is SELF AWARENESS: which means to think who you are and what do you want to do with your life, your dreams...etc The following idea is GOALS: things you'd like to reach, he emphasizes in the process to reach this, he thinks that is the main idea which is related to ACTION: anorher project to change your life. Next is ENERGY: we all have to do exercise, nutrition and rest, they are going to help us to reach our goals and be positive, all is connected, and in this idea he emphasizes with the COURAGE: the hearthbeat of optimizing... Is there more beautiful words to describe it? ... The next idea is LOVE: without love, nothing carries on, but love yourself and love others, too. Last idea is EN*THEOS or god withing highnest top. Finally he focuses in a single word which is ARETÉ and in greek means expressing the highest of yourself at every moment! I enjoyed so much this video.
I'm going to answer the question from Jorge lopesino 3°A which is what do we have to do when difficulties appear in front of you near the finish line of goal.
Well, I think of you are near the line of goal, that means you can overcome whatever you want, but if you are tired of fighting you have to stop a minute and think that you are strong and you can overcome difficulties using your mind, your courage and capacity of fight.
And finally, my question is:
what do you think is more important in life: to love others and yourself, or your self-awareness? (Which means thinking who you are and what do you want) Both in order to achieve the goals of life
publicado por Natalia Aldehuela 3°C, el 31.05.2015 07:57
Hi Juan Antonio :
First , i`m going to answer Jorge`s question , in my opinion we have to do our best to overcome our issues in life and try to achive the goals that we want .

In the video i saw , he explained what do we have to do to concentrate. He said that we can`t be doing many things at the same time we only have to focus in one thing .
He also explained we can´t start a thing if you had`nt finished what you were doing before .
I found the video really interesting .

My question is : What do we have to do to be optimistic in life?
publicado por Isabel Fohom Álvaro, el 31.05.2015 08:04
Hi Juan Antonio, first of all, I want to answer Isabel's question: What do we have to do to be optimistic in life?
I think this is a very interesting and complex question. People think that people optimistic forget bad things and they live in a fiction world, but I don´t think so. The basic think we have to do in order to be optimistic is to know the bad things that we have in our life, then we have to think about the good things we have and we will get the conclusion that we have such more good things in our life, but if we don´t think so we have to think how to improve bad things in order to make them good things. To get it, the first think we have to do is not to care about the future, because it hasn´t happened. The second think is don´t think about the pass, because it has alredy happened and the last think : live the present, choosing the good things you have in your life and rejecting the bad ones, and finally, smile, smile to others although they don´t smile you, because in this way you are happy with yourself and maybe you will influence others to be happy.
I have seen the video of "The gifts of imperfection" and I think it shows you how to improve your life, and this is related to Isabel's question, because we have to know that we aren´t perfect and when we know it we have to improve our qualifications in order to be a little bit better and don´t show our imperfections because they don´t help us to improve ourselves.
And finally, my question: If the only think we care about is to be perfect, what consequences we will have ?If we get to the perfection, what will be our next goal?
publicado por Sara Merino Asenjo 3ºC, el 31.05.2015 10:11
Hi Juan Antonio, first I want to ask Sara's question, well I think that human beings can't be perfect doesn't matter how hard they try, but if they achieve that goal I think the consecuences will be persecutions to people that aren't perfect or something like that, and the next goal probably be develop science and go to live to the space or the world peace, honestly what a boring world with eveyone being perfect and with no mistakes.
publicado por Paula García Arranz 3ºC, el 31.05.2015 12:30
Now I'm going to resume the video that I see about the nonviolence communication, I think it was very interesting, one of the components of the book that was the "observations", because I think is important not to judge a person only for her/his appearance, I also things that the example of the 4 components with the car crossing the road and the family makes me understand it very well,and the last thing that caught my attention was the last thing that was how to connet with people, I think this is interesting because you have to do the 4 components to communicate with other people well, etc...

please answer honestly, bye~
publicado por Paula García Arranz 3ºC, el 31.05.2015 13:14
Hi Juan Antonio,
First of all I would like to answer to Sara´s question: If the only think we care about is to be perfect, what consequences we will have? If we get to the perfection, what will be our next goal? In my opinion perfection doesn´t exist. We are human beings and we are constantly committing mistakes even though we try not to. In our life there will always be someone that is better than us, but even he or she, isn´t perfect because it´s impossible. In this way, you can´t think of what will be your goal when you are perfect because we are improving every day, but we won´t get perfection.
Secondly, I have taken a look on Brian Johnson´s website and I have chosen the video titled “The Undefeated Mind” which is a book written by Alex Lickerman. In the video he says the way to get an undefeated mind is a mix between science and Buddhism and Nichiren: dealing with life and challenges, to achieve victory. We also have to think of our mission, the purpose of what we are doing; we have to sit down and think of the experiences that have given us the most joy, and then, from that list, the things that involve people, and that involves creating value; following these steps we will discover that purpose is happiness. Another important thing to do is that if we are knocked down, we have to get back up. I liked the sentence he said: “Wear your scars like medals”. A way to get back up is to turn the poison into power, what doesn´t kill you makes you stronger, so the next time you have to deal with a problem you´ll know how to solve it. And the final idea is to encourage others, to make the people know that you believe in them, so they have courage. I´ve chosen this video because it could help me in my daily life, concretely in volleyball. I play in a volleyball team and it´s very easy to get knocked down so we have to learn how to be concentrate and keep on with an undefeated mind. It has been very useful for me and I will apply these advices.
Finally, I want to ask a question, which is related to Sara´s question: IF PERFECTION DOESN´T EXIST, WHY DO PEOPLE TRY TO ACHIEVE IT?
publicado por Lucía Calvo Soto 3ºC, el 31.05.2015 13:21
hi Juan Antonio
I'll answer the question of lucia , if perfection doesn't exist , why do people try to achieve it?
i think that the perfection is only an idealization that people have to feel better about ourselves and thus seek perfection to hide our flaws and fears.

i have seen a video about "your life is your message" in this video he say all about the message of your life , he say first that the massage is so importnat and also he say about the four ideas like: 1)your message , 2)changing geas ,3)keep chewing $)mass media 5)prectical idealism . the video was so interenting very especific

my question is :if our life is our message why we all take the wrong message from our lives?
publicado por gaabriela bermudez peña 3ºb, el 31.05.2015 14:40
*My answer for Gabriela's question is: We don't take the wrong message, we are young so we need to make mistakes in order to find the correct message and we'll realise when we are old.

*The video I have seen is about ACTIVE REST. One way of resting is sleeping and dreaming, and this part of our life in which we aren't completely concious of our acts, but this video talks about another way of resting. It explains that our life is rythmic, it means that it consist on performing and resting, performing and resting, and like this all the time. We get our mental rest actively by meditating. We physically rest in an active way just breathing; with only one deep breath you can rest your muscles and feel more energetic. Another kind of active rest is social, just hanging out with friend and going to the park with them instead of working in your desk is a good way of actively resting. The way of spiritual actively resting is praying, and realise what supposedly God gave us and all this beauty and religous beliefs taht make believers feel good and safe under their great creator.

*My question is: What is the best way you think you rest?
publicado por María González 3ºA, el 31.05.2015 15:11
Hi Juan Antonuo,
Firstly i´m going to ask Maria´s question: by the way I think that the best way to rest is sleeping but you can also meditate, or simply get into nature and don´t do anything apart of enjoy the clean air and the sounds of nature.
Secondly, i wen´t into Brian´s website and i´ve chosen a video where he talks of a book called The Gifts of Imperfection. There he speaks about how is live and how is the best way of doing it. He expain us that we must be happy with what we have but dont be self-suficiency because is good to have goals to achive.
publicado por Alejandro López Serrano, el 31.05.2015 15:30
Hello Juan Antonio,
first I will answer Gabriela's question: I think we take the wrong message from our lifes because we are always thinking about being perfect or trying to have good marks and not to fail, so we don't think about the main message of our life because we are thinking about other things; so if we want to take the right message we just have to stop worrying about thing which are not really important comparing to the main message of life, so: ENJOY YOUR LIFE.
Then, I will tell you about the video I watched:"he can who thinks he can." I completely agree with this video because of three reasons. 1. It's true that we have to believe in what we are doing and we have to believe in every moment in ourselves because if we think we are going to fail we will fail and we won't do what we want just because we are all the day thinking:"i'm going to fail". And we do it, but if we think we are achieving it, we will. 2.If we want to achieve what we want we can't learn everything we need for it in just some minutes, we need to learn those things thanks to little moments we live or things we do along our life and in that way we will become wiser, so let's do litle things everyday and finally, we will achieve our goals thanks to our effort because a little affort everyday becomes in a really big effort. 3.To achieve your goals you have to show all your potential and to do this, you need a big impulse given by your family or your friends (who support you) because all of us have a really huge potential but we don't show it just because we are afraid or because we don't believe in ourselves so we need an impulse from people who believe in us.
If we all follow the things above, we will achieve our goals, we will have the best results in life and we will be happy because of that.

Finally, I will write my question: HAVE YOU ACHIEVED YOUR GOALS IN LIFE? WHY/ WHY NOT?
publicado por Adrián Martínez Martín 3ºC, el 31.05.2015 15:39
Hello Juan Antonio I have to answer the question of Adrián martinez Martín of 3c.His question is if I have achieve my goals un life and I have to answer that goals un life is something very important forma all the people and we have to achieve it with doing the best of ourselves and I try to achieve doing the best of me
In other hand i saw the vídeo of Brian johnson that talk about play and is very interesant and you learn english too.
My question for a student is WHY DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING IN THIS LIFE? WHY?
publicado por Pablo perez gomez-arevalillo 3A ESO, el 31.05.2015 15:54
first of all I will answer the question of Alejandro, I think that rather than try to achieve perfection can not be because nobody in the world is perfectand can not be that has something wrong, not everything is going to be perfect.
I've seen the video in which he speaks to our lives is our message, and I think Gandhi is right.
your destiny in life is written but you can change it and everything becomes message becomes your life, what you do in the past becomes the future message to my gandhi is an inspiration.

my question is: what is the goal of life message?
publicado por Gema Ocaña Mateo 3C, el 31.05.2015 15:54
Hello Juan Antonio,
First of all i will answer Alejandro´Ss question I think perfection is the key to everything and with that we can accomplish many things that in the future we do much and gradually you have to keep improving and getting different goals.
the second thing is the videi i have seen How to optimize your life in that video you can see how he classified it in 10 ideas that are optimism,self-awareness,purpose,goals,energy,actions,courage,wisdom,love and entheos and i have chosen it because i think that all the thins that he has told are truth.
finally my question is HOW CAN YOU DEFINE OPTIMISM.
publicado por María González 3ºC, el 31.05.2015 16:10
My answerto adrian is that is necessary to achieve a goal in your life to have a purpose to fight for you want to get on life.

Brian johnson transmit me to optimize our lifes and reach our highest potential

My question is:why people only think in materialistic things
publicado por Alejandro jimenez 3°c, el 31.05.2015 16:13
Hi juan antonio, I saw a Brian jonson's video named AN IRON WILL first i'll do a summary of it, it starts with a really correct definition of will(in my opinion),and after that he asks the first question"now... what needs to be done?" Like a first point of the video and the second is really connected with this I think is the one that is more conected, because is do less, he sais that for doing more you have to do less for example for doing your will you have to do more about something related to that and less about something that you like, then another important thing in my opinion is the point which sais do you believe? Because if you dont believe you can do something you wouldnt do it and if there is something dificult but you think you can do it you will do it and the last reflexion that he does is that challenges are good because you should think what challenges you have and what do you have to do to afford them and you'll feel better. And I think he gives lots of good conseils and he has reasons to do it because he knows a lot about it.
Then i'm answering the question of alejandro jimenez that up to now is the last:I think people only think in a materialistic way because we are in a materialistic society in which people gives you as importance as many good things you have.
publicado por Daniel kolisz ramirez 3°C E.S.O., el 31.05.2015 17:24
Hi Juan Antonio,
First I´m going to answer the question os Alejandro Jiimenez,I think tha people only think in materialistic things because people who have it can be classy of them and they feel specials or importants so they think that if they have more things they are more important.

The video I see is ´Choose the life you want´in that video explains 101 ways to be happy with your life.That video explain five main poits:
FIRST:Choose to choose.In that explain that in the life you have to do big decisions and small decisions but the first decision is choose to choose.
SECOND:5-min takeoff.In that point he esxplains that if you want to procrastinate something you only have to do this activity 5 minutes and then you are going to feel better.
THIRD:Instant gratification.In that point explains that we always look for the future gratification and the happiness booster the instant gratification but is better look for that two types os gratification.
FOURTH:Failure hof.In that explains that to improve ourselves we have to do mistakes so in general they said that failures go with goals so we don´t have to be depressed if we don´t do something well the first time.
FIFTH:Golde+.In that point explains two concepts the first is that we have better behaviour with people we don´t know than with closer people and we don´t have to do this and the other concept is don´t do what we don´t want to do to us.

publicado por Barbara Garcia 3ºC, el 31.05.2015 17:31
Answering to the question of what is the best way to develop the best of yourself,i think nowadays our society is based on telling lies to the others just to make you feel better,we are too jealous and is not good;so for me,i think,if you want to make your best you don't have to believe what other people say to you,only if they are honest and near to you like your family,another important thing is to believe in what you are doing,if you don't believe in yourself,who is going to believe in you?
I have seen the video of the talent code by Daniel Cole,in this video,Brian summarise it in five ideas:
-We have to develop our brain in order to be able to do other things,he makes a comparation with electricity(myelin)
-A deep practice,primary way to build our minds,with a deep purpouse(creating confortzones or snapzones)
-michelangelo,a famous person who built his life with a deep practice.
-4 minutes miles,very important in the 20th century,you have to say you can do it,just believe on it.
-The action,it makes you feel better but not being better.
publicado por Mireia Godino, el 31.05.2015 17:50
Hi Juan Antonio
I've seen the videos and my favourite is the one of the habits. Firstly, because there is a sentence that Brian says that impress me. Is the one that say: Don't miss a day. If you think, most of the people care about the future, the money, the health...but they don't enjoy the present. They are always asking themselves what is going to happen that they don't realize what is happen in that moment, so I hope most of the people, principally teenagers and kids, enjoy they present life, because they are going to live it once.
The other sentece that I liked is the one that says: use your mistakes. What is really a mistake? A thing that you do bad and also it can hurt you or other people. But I don't think all mistakes are bad, they can also be an apportunity to show us the world and learn about who to behave the second time it comes. Nobody borns knowing everything and all people had made a mistake, so I think that the best way to learn is recognise what you have done bad and also recognise that nobody is perfect. "Yes, I have made a mistake, Im not good with this, but I will try again"
Ansewing Barbara's question I think the best is do what you really want to do, the humans are not identical and each one have his/her own personality, so to live well with yourself is doing what you really like, not thinking about the people's words

And finally,my question: What is the real personality of one person?
publicado por Noelia Bautista 3A, el 31.05.2015 18:20
Hello Juan Antonio!

First, I’m going to answer the question from Barbara. I think that the best thing is doing always what you want because if you do what other people want, you won’t have ever passion about anything so you’ll never be happy.

The video which I have chosen to see is called ‘The power of concentration’ and it explains five ways to achieve concentration when you want to do something. These are the following: - FIRST: He says that we should focus all our concentration in a specific point and not to diffuse it. You shouldn’t do several things at the same time, only one. - SECOND: Like everything, when you want to get something you need practice it. There are two ways to practice. One is meditation and the other one is doing each thing in its moment.
- THIRD: He explains that when you want to achieve your goals, you have to involve and pursue them until you get your destination. - FOURTH: He tells us that we mustn’t say that we can’t do things if we haven’t tried it before.
- FIFTH: There are two thoughts in our minds: the first one collects only positive ideas which give you hopes to do it and the second one collects only negative ideas and it discourages you. He says that we are the responsible to choose one of them and it defines your personality.

publicado por Cristina Esteso Sánchez 3º C, el 31.05.2015 19:15
Hi juan antonio
I will answer the question of noelia, I think someone's personality is the one to accept and feel comfortable that is where you want to define
I will discuss the video for '' wiilpower '' which deals with how to increase your willpower, to increase it have to eat because it helps to meditate, coprometerse beforehand, clean, bright lines, the games because you have to know how using for example the attack is finite and you have to know to spend with head.
the question is ''why worry more what people think that we think of us
publicado por Miguel Garcia, el 31.05.2015 19:22
Hi Juan Antonio.
First of all i am going to answer the question of Miguel Garcia,i think that it worries more what someone else thinks of us because they are the persons that see us all the days and you want them to think well of you.
I have chosen the video called "superhuman" in these video it talks about five principal points. The point that has stand me out more is the one that talks about using our mistakes, he says that we all are going to make mistakes, but we also can learn about them.
The question i am going to give is how can we prevent bad habbits?
publicado por jose luis velasco, el 01.06.2015 09:25
Helio Juan Antonio
The first thing what i am going to do is to answer the cuestión of my friend Jose Luis Velasco. And the answer is "Jose Luis ,you can prevent bad habita thinking at the action what you are going to do before doing."

Now i will tell you the vídeo i have seen. The vídeo is "Your Life Is Your Message by Eknath Easwaran". On the vídeo Brian Johnson explain what is the book about, he said five points of the book that he like most. The five points are: First"tour message?", second "changing gears", third"keep chewing", forth"más media" and finally the fifth "practical idealism". The book is about what Mahatma gandhi said "YOUR LIFE IS YOUR MESSAGE"

Now i will said muy question "What we have to do to be a good person?"
publicado por Miguel Sánchez 3°C, el 01.06.2015 13:48
Hi Juan Antonio, I am sorry for being late but I had had some computer problems, but I finally solve them .
For answering the previous question I would say that to be a good person we should behave in a way that makes others feel comfortable with us but the principle idea is don´t do others what you don´t want others do to you, for example if you are going to steal something or insult someone, first you should wonder yourself what you will feel if someone steals your things or insults you .

I have seen the video named `Superhuman by Habit´which is about habits in human life, he defined habits as an upsetting way of behaviour that humans practise everyday .He also said that we should do different things each day to try to avoid habits and other way to do it is focussing on the proccess and using the mistakes that we always do beacuse if we realise that habits are are bad things we will try barder to let them out of our lifes.

At last I will tell you my question: Which is the worst habit that you have ?
publicado por Andrea Mouchet 3B, el 01.06.2015 14:50
HJi Juan Antonio!!
Answering Andrea's question about which is my worst habit , I have to admit that I care what people think or say.
Returning to the videos I have seen one that call : "how to optimize your life - the 1o principles of optimal living".the video explain you the ten reasons or ways like taking an optimistic and happy life , like love , wisdom , courage , energy...and I think a lot of people lack these things and they are enclosed in a dark gray world.
Finally my question is : Why is difficult for us to be optimistic and see life with good eyes??Life is one and we would have to enjoy it and don't permit that small mistakes cloud our eyes.
publicado por Irene Lopez Sierra 3A, el 01.06.2015 15:14
Hi juan antonio
The first that i have to say it is sorry for being late ,i don´t know why but i had some problems with internet
I think that it isn´t difficult for us to be optimist i think the all that we aren´t isn´t a deffect that we can have i think that all that we think that we don´t have is inside us and wue only have to show to the world in which we have been living since we borned
I have been see the video called HOW TO OPTIMIZED YOUR SELF, and i have to say that is a very good video because this man know very well how to explain the things of our diary life and to motivate the people to be more comfortable with their selfs
My question is a little difficult but is a question that a little group of this huge society can answered : WHO ARE WE?
publicado por Jorge peña lanccho 3 b ESO, el 01.06.2015 15:42
Hello Juan Antonio,
to answer the previous question I have to say my worst habit is to leave some things to the last moment, which makes the day very often is overwhelmed before any important event.
The video I've seen has taught me to see that striving gradually things are achieved more easily.
How can you motivate you to strive and get something ??
publicado por JOSE IGNACIO HERNÁNDEZ GARCÍA, el 01.06.2015 16:07
Hi Juan Antonio,

The first thing I want to answer the question.
I think you always have to be motivated because it's the best way to get what you want. My way of motivating me is think positive and try to enjoy the moment.

The video that I've chosen is: "Superhuman by habit".
In this video he talks about not losing a single day worrying about many things, we have to enjoy the moment that life goes so fast. And in the life the best way to learn is to know our mistakes.

My question: Do you think it's possible to change our bad habits?
publicado por Sara Blanes Moyano 3ºB, el 01.06.2015 17:34
Hi Juan Antonio:
- My answer to the question 'do I think if its's possible to change our bad habits' is of course yes, bad habits are only in our minds, in our lived moments, but if we think that we are going to be happier if we are good people, we had been made the first step.
- Then, I want to tell you about the video I had sawn, it's talk about 'He thinks he can?' I have learned a lot with this video, because it said that the most important things we hve to think to belief in ourselves is to hink that we can, if I think I can do something, I could do it. Other thing that Brian Johnson told us is tath we have to be optimism, because if we thing bad, we wil do things bad. And the thing that had sorprised me, is that he said an example that water boils at 212º, not at 200º or 210º, so we have not to be conformed with a part of our proposition, we have be conformed when we make all the reality dream.
- My question is :do you think if we are not optimism we can get our propositions?

Pd: sorry to be lated, but I had been in the doctor. Bye!
publicado por Sofía Salcedo 3ºB, el 01.06.2015 18:03
Hi Juan Antonio,
Ok first I going to say that I've seen the video about the book ("He can who things he can") and in this video Brian explained a question of the book that is"think you can¿" in his explanation he showed us that sometimes in live to be successful you first have to fail.Other thing I liked in the explanation is when he said that life is a big classroom with teachings, teachers etc I like very much this man explanation and I think is very useful.
Then I continue answearing the previous question : I think that is absolutely possible to change bad habbits , you just need to be strong in your mind and patient
publicado por Violeta López Agea, el 01.06.2015 18:06
Hi Juan Antonio
I'm always myself because I dont care what people thought about me. I always give the best of my self like everyone but no everyone get it.
I saw your video of how to have esteem and i think the same as briaan, you have autoestima when you are happy when you are when your family. I think is a good thing cause you have to valorate your self a lot, no thinking like you are the best but you have to have it.
My question is do you have esteem?
publicado por Borja Herrero González, el 01.06.2015 18:10
Hi Juan Antonio
First of all I'm answering Borja's question: Of course I have esteem have to have it because it's essential to me to believe in myself, and more now, that I'm studying.
Now, I'm going to talk about one of the videos in Mr. Johnsons website: The talent code, by Daniel Coyle. It talks about the false myth of the genius, the talent isn't an inner characteristic of human beings, it has to be improved and developed; to do that we have our myelin connections in our brains which are in charge of developing skills. One of the tips that the book gives us is to get out of our comffort zone, to force ourselves to get in action in unknown situations that will help us to excercise our myelin. But for me, the most important tip was the "4-minute miles": believeing in oneself means everything to reach our dreams, we have to convince ourselves that everything we want is possible. Will is everything.
Mu question is: Why people don't want to try new things, even knowing that would be good for them?
publicado por gabriela peñas 3C, el 02.06.2015 14:58
Hi,Juan Antonio i going to answering your questions of DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO IN ORDER TO DEVELOP THE BEST OF YOURSELF?.
I see the second video,and my answer is i think that the best to get the best of me is thinking that i can, although other people can tell me no, I have to trust myself but also put effort and persistence on what you want to achieve. Because although want much to get anything and not put effort on my part, in the end not be able to get.
publicado por Daniel Martínez Prados, el 04.06.2015 13:51
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