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28 de Octubre, 2014 · General

TENDERNESS AND FREEDOM. Ternura y libertad.


© W. Eugene Smith, Tomoko Uemura in her bath, 1971 from Minamata (left) and Sebastião Salgado, Children’s ward in the Koren refugee camp, Ethiopia, 1984 from Sahel – The End of the Road (right)

             How can one learn to feel tenderness as an emotion that promotes dignity?

            How can one teach to feel compassion as an emotion that promotes freedom?

            As teachers, have we learnt to feel tenderness and compassion?

            As students, have we learnt to teach tenderness and compassion?

            Is there any other better way to develop our love than feeling tenderness and compassion?

            Is there any other more important thing than learning how to love?


            Do you have a good idea to do it? Which one?


            ¿Cómo se puede aprender a sentir ternura como una emoción que promueve la dignidad?

            ¿Cómo se puede enseñar a sentir compasión como una emoción que promueve la libertad?

            Como profesores, ¿hemos aprendido a sentir ternura y compasión?

            Como alumnos, ¿hemos aprendido a enseñar ternura y compasión?

            ¿Existe alguna forma mejor de de desarrollar nuestro amor que sintiendo ternura y compasión?

            Existe algo más importante que aprender a amar?


            ¿Tienes una buena idea? ¿Cuál?



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I think the first thing we have to do to feel tenderness and consider it of such high value it has,is learning to see ourselves as a unique treasure in the world. And, once we know the specific importance that we have , it´s the moment to start seeing in others particular and, at the same time, unique treasures we are never going to own. When we are aware of this truth is much easier getting closer to the idea of feeling tenderness and being compassionate.

I believe in love and I also believe in its power. We always love what we need for living.And saying that, I'm not referring to material goods, we don´t need them. What I want to say is that we all depend on each other.
For that reason we are supposed to love everyone who is prepared to be loved. Love involves tenderness and compassion. That means a society without tenderness nor compassion is a society without love, in which its members don´t complement each other.And that´s awful! If we don´t complement and we aren´t complemented, it will be impossible to reach happiness, in whatever the way! I´m prepared to love, and I think you all are prepared too, are you?
publicado por Maria Merino Asenjo 3ºB, el 08.11.2014 11:03
First of all know that to talk about this human, social and need to be respectful. Seeing the photos could comment on the orders in the first we see a daughter mourning the death of his mother or loved one with great feeling. Similarly, we moved to the second where the same woman with great love gives life to a loved building it with love. We are who we are because we feel, love and suffer. Sorry, but can not express my feeling in six lines and as a human I'll skip the rules to say something wonderful.
Today I just saw a video where a man makes simple actions and very small or very great volunteers in search of a better world (as John Paul II said) and then put us in the video:
You will remain anonymous. You will have no fame. You will receive many emotions. You will witness happiness. You will feel the love. You will get what money can not buy. A more beautiful world. This is truly a gift.
publicado por Alba Vizuete Puñal 3A, el 08.11.2014 19:40
I think that to teach how learn tenderness isn't so difficult, because if you give examples maybe it can be more easy to explain it. For example: if you think about it and be in the position of the other, maybe you can change your opinion.
So i think that if you want, yo'll can.
publicado por Rocio Benitez 3B, el 09.11.2014 15:35
I think that before starting to learn how to feel tenderness for unknown people we should start feeling it with our own family, because one of the things that our parents taught us when we were younger is to feel compassion and tenderness or other feelings like happinnes and sadness. They taught us by the way they treated us or others in our presence .Like our parents did we will teach our offspring how to treat people even when our form of thinking is erronous because when they grow up they would developed their own way of thinking and the will change her way of treating other people according of it .

Other idea I have is thinking how we feel when someone treats you well, you feel happy because that even that person is unknonw he or she cares and worries about you ,and when someone treats you bad, you feel like rubbish, because you have not made anything to made that this person treats you bad .The main idea of this parragraph is that you can´t treat bad other people and then hope that they will forgive and treat you fine, because everybody wants to be love and love others.
publicado por Andrea Mouchet 3B, el 09.11.2014 16:33
I think that I can promove the thinking of the tenderness and freedom day by day taking culture about this and teach it with my family , and later they will do it and will know that the tenderness and freedom is really easy to carry it out.Another situation in which I could help others to fell that they are not alone and also behave the time with all of those that have lost their illusions but making understand them that a better way of life is possible with out prejudices , humility and identify ourselves as part of the same society.I have written my own ideas about the tenderness and freedom that as homework concern ustoday thata is all for today.
publicado por Enrique Roso Lázaro, el 09.11.2014 16:45
i think the tenderness is something that the person have with others that sence is more stronger depended the person the most stronger tenderness is the mother with his son
publicado por ismael paredes, el 09.11.2014 17:18
I believe that tenderness is characteristic of all living beings.All parents of all species give love to their children and for that reason the tenderness is a very special kind of love and an essential part of our training as people. If a child doesn´t receive tenderness in the future he will not know who to give tenderness to others who need it too.

But we don´t have to give tenderness only to our family ,we have to give it to all the people who we think that they need and deserve it.
publicado por Ana Platas, el 10.11.2014 08:59
I think is very important to have compassion and tenderness,because nowadays there are lot of people in the world that need help from the others.
I think only good people are able to have compassion and to feel the tenderness to/with the rest of the people.
It's very important to have tenderness because,imagine you are going to need help in the future...if you didn't help in the past the most probably thing that is going to happen is that you wouldn't receive the help you aim to have.
The easiest way to promote compassion and tenderness is showing to the people(since we are children)the aspects that are happening in the world but is also very important what we see around us(with the family,friends...).
publicado por Mireia Godino3ºB, el 10.11.2014 10:34
The freedom is something that everyone would have , because freedom is everywere . If you see people walking or believing means that are free because they are not being oblyig to walk .

And about tenderness , I think every mom would have
any type of tenderndess , like kisses o hugs or just by be her mom
publicado por Martin Ojeda 3ºB, el 10.11.2014 12:13
I think tenderness is something that is given when it's received. You can't expect someone who you are mean to, to be kind and sweet to you.
As students, we should think of teachers as people who help us to be someone in the future, they are just doing their job, so we should make them feel comfortable in their workstation. We are children and we know nothing about future and what growing up means.
On the other hand teachers should also be patient and understanding, and don't lose their temper.
Freedom is a right everyone has, but tenderness and compassion are really important in freedom. Yes, you can say whatever you want, but you should think about how the person you're gonna judge is going to feel before saying something.
For reaching a society based on love, freedom, compassion and tenderness, the most important thing is to teach the grown-ups how to love and how to be loved, then the children will learn that same thing in a natural way.
publicado por Ania Pérez Prados, el 10.11.2014 12:58
I think that love is one of te most beatufil things we have in this world, and some people waste it, but we have to change this people's opinion.
In school, in the case of the estudents, we hvaen't see the luck we have of have a education. But, in the case of teachhers, they have to see that we only are young people and that we are the future of the world.
publicado por Sofía Salcedo 3ºB, el 10.11.2014 14:29
The pictures show tenderness and sorrow and it is important that when you see this images feel compation because it means that you have a heart. We have to learn to be more generous with other people that needs our help.
I would like to live in a world with more compation and tenderness, it would be a world with less hunger, less hate...etc
publicado por Adriana antón 3b, el 10.11.2014 15:03
The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. I like these photograph because it shows us that the mothers are the person that give you more tenderness . We have to be generous with people in need and give them love , because love is the most beautiful thing in the world and if we don´t recieve tenderness and love know we wouldn´t give it to other people .
publicado por Paula Pintado Martínez 1ºB, el 10.11.2014 15:35
I like this photos because the world needs to learn to show tenderness. We need to reflect on the need to defend the dignity and compasion.
I think tenderness shows the possibility of being compassionate to others and we could avoid such violence.
publicado por Sara Blanes 3B, el 10.11.2014 17:00
Most of people think that for feel tenderness and compasion we need a world without hunger,hate,diseases and all those things. Well,I think they are wrong because without evil,there would not be hapiness.
Yeah, I know that most of people (even animals) who are suffering now (and in the past and future)don´t deserve it, but is thanks to those scenes that we can "learn" the most important feeling: LOVE. All of human beings can feel love because we live in a "rotten" world and we try to change it. Therefore, we would feel compassion and tenderness to promote the dignite and the freedom around the world.
The mistake that many people comit is that they disturb the sense of tenderness and in the end they said that all the bad people like criminals should die. Most of people think this and for this reason the tenderness and the compassion is disappearing.
Thanks for read my opinion and good night.
publicado por Andrea Guzmán 3B, el 10.11.2014 17:12
Tenderness learn to get used to the relationship based on dialogue, when you think it's important to cherish and be cherished.You learn when physical aggression is not tolerated.Tenderness is learn when yougn children caress us wiht their little hands,they say words with their defective diction and their naive and open smile
publicado por Adriana antón 3b, el 10.11.2014 17:28
hi juan antonio
first thing i think that tenderness isn´t something teach is something that we learn with life.
we can learn put in the place of another and talking thinking in positive

as teachers you had learnt because you have to transmit to your students and go in the good way
as student we need to learn tenderness and younger people learn and another time and another and all people will be good and we will do a better world

to develop tenderness we have to think the possition of other and try to help people that aren´t in the best part of their life
but i belief that we need love to understand tenderness and always do everything with a big smile
publicado por Laura González MartÍnez, el 10.11.2014 18:01
Hi Juan Antonio
I think tenderness isn't something you learn , it's something you have in your heart
Teachers don't have to teach us anything about tenderness , we should feel it because it's something inside your heart
In other words we have to feel it
To develop it we should use empathy and have a very big heart easy to open
That's all I can tell you about tenderness
(If there is any spanish word is because it correct alone)
HAVE A VERY NICE DAY :-) :-) :-)
publicado por Jorge Serrano de la Nogal 1b eso, el 11.11.2014 20:16

i think that the tenderness and compassion arent things that we can learn, just you have and feel this or not.there´s no stronger tenderness like the one of your parents give you.
love is another feeling that is in friends, family....if you give love to others you will recive it. we should have the freedom to decide our own religion and future .
we life in a materialistic society and it has no sense because when you get older people wont remember you as the richer man or who had more things; they will remember you if you have been a good person with them.
you have to love and valorate what youu have because we dont know if tomorrow we will be in this life.
publicado por tamara garcia 3a, el 16.11.2014 14:17
It is very difficult to learn to feel,but is important to see the behaviour of our parents and surrounding,so learn as we have to be.
I think teachers already feel tenderness and compassion and therefore they have chosen this work,to teach to the other.
The students also learn to feel tendernes and compassion.
Tendernes and compassion is very important,but also can develop our love being better person each day.
publicado por Javier Arias Molina 1A ESO, el 17.11.2014 14:41
I think people learn to feel tenderness just by watching other people help each other,help the elderly people,...etc. To teach how to feel tenderness and compassion you basicaly have to teach how to love and care about others.The most important thing in life is love and suport to relatives,friends,even people you don´t know,with out love or support people could´t live toguether as a united family.

Teachers and students have learned about compassion and tenderness just by watching other kids cry,or feeling sad and lonly,maybe by seeing a fight between 2 kids or just by looking at a friend of yours who´s not happy.For me there is no other thing more important than to learn how to love. Its the most important thing you need to have friends,to care about others,or even to have a pet.Each day you share love with others even if you don´t know.
publicado por Paula Anderson 1º A eso, el 17.11.2014 15:56
You can learn how to feel tendernes helping others.
You can learn compasion meeting other people and having there minds open.
Al teachers are not the same, but yes ✅, you know how to espress tenderness and compassion... Also because you are human beings 🚺🚹.
Students also know tenderness🚼 and compasión♥ but not forma teaching it, i think young students between 3 to 17 couldn't know how to express tenderness and compasión but teachers could do it perfectly.
De can develop love participating un eventos and actions that teaches things fronm reality.
Obviously there are more importante things than love ♥. Live and apreciaré others OS un example.
Participating to social eventos which apreciate peace, love, the respect to nature and helping natives for helping poor people and the recolecting food forma them. 🌟
publicado por Irene Cortazar lavesiera 1° eso A, el 17.11.2014 16:21
Hi Juan Antonio:

I feel compassión for the people who die by the war and the people who have any kind of illnesses.
Also for those who are suffering because don't have job.
It is necessary to feel compassion and tenderness for the suffering of others for related great with others and help to other persons.
publicado por Ricardo Blázquez Barros 1º A Eso, el 22.11.2014 18:22
Hi Juan Antonio,

The first thing I feel when I look to the picture is sadness, and I ask myself why I'm soo lucky, why I was born here in a beautiful country , with money , with food to eat and why other people are were born in worse places than mine.
The other day my mum asked me what I want for Christmas and I told her that I had everything I wanted. Then I relized that I was so lucky just for the simple fact of saying that sentence (I DON'T WANT ANYTHING, I HAVE EVERYTHING I WANT).
But THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN LIVE IS LOVE, we are soo lucky of having a family that loves us. There are children in África that don't have a family , they don't have even friends , they don't have NOTHING , I think that if everyone in the world had TENDERNESS and COMPASSION the things would be much more different.
publicado por Eduardo Platas 1º B E.S.O, el 09.12.2014 15:54
Hi Juan Antonio:
I think tenderness is something you have to feel in your heart, you can't learn it. It is something that nowadays we need, because people is dying because there is people that don't think that others may need them. The first thing that I feel when I see this picture is sadness. Like I said before, people is dying and no one is doing anything to avoid it. People want things and things but they do not realize that they have everything they need, that other people need more things that they have. I hope we change the world when we grow up to a better place.
publicado por Cayetana Irene Novella Cano 1º B, el 12.12.2014 17:03
The first thing that I think it is the most important to feel tenderness is to see all things that around us, for example: all the childs, adults and old people who have diseases, or have delays or even if they have problems with money or with their families. We have to try to feel how they feel, to feel their tenderness, and think what we would like to receive if we were they.We have to help them, to try make them happy, and we hace never to laugh at them.
publicado por Sofía Salcedo 3ºB, el 05.04.2015 15:49
In my opinion the things that make me feel good and proud of my self are the simple tings, like giving my parents good news or something to make them happy.I don't need a lot of friends,I need the ones who make me know that I am not alone.Helping people can help myself to be better,I can learn from the problems of other ones and realise my problems are not such as important like others.I don't need tecnology to be happy,I think having a family that loves you and some friends that are so good friends that become like a part of your family is all I need.To be loved by the people I love and I need in my life.I want to reward my parents for all the things they have done for me, but not with presents or that kind of things,I want to reward them with my school marks, my good behavior,good news from school,that kind of things make them happy and proud of me.The things make me feel better and proud of my self are when I can make someone happy with simple things, like my parents,when I do something and at the end I stop and thing and I realise I gave the best of me to have a good result.And when I realise I can do the best if I want. Some people say that the sky is the limit, but there are footprints in the moon.I mean,you always can do it better than you think, but you only reach your limit if you work hard.
publicado por Alejandra Ispas 1ºC ESO, el 06.04.2015 08:33
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